Vale Behrooz Ferdows

Iran-based OEM, Mammut World Trailer, mourns the passing of industrialist and founder, Behrooz Ferdows.

A self-made entrepreneur, Ferdows spent nearly 60 years of his life producing, innovating and providing services in the field of industry development and employment.

The Mammut Group comprises several thousand people of which they reportedly refer to Ferdows as ‘Father of Iranian industry’.

“He was a prominent entrepreneur, craftsman, investor and consultant who was active internationally and with 60 years of success in various fields, left a real and unique partnership in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

“He gave several lectures on modular construction as well as humanitarian logistics in the Covid-19 crisis and the role of entrepreneurship in job creation and development.

“It goes without saying that Behrouz Ferdows has been active in countless charities in poor African countries and has made tremendous efforts to import steel made to poor African countries to build the necessary infrastructure in poor areas.”