SOR develops refrigerated transport gamechanger

Spanish OEM, SOR Ibérica, recently unveiled a new reefer that reduces emissions and is optimised for more ‘respectful’ inner-city distribution.

The innovation was on show this week as part of the Solutrans event held in Lyon, France.

“We have developed a multi-compartment reefer which will be used between the logistics warehouse and the end user,” SOR Ibérica said in a statement.

“Goods will be stored in boxes on roll containers and prepared to be delivered directly at home. It means that the end consumer will order from home, goods will be processed directly in the logistics facilities, the orders will be transported through our reefers and the last mile delivery will be made by small special electric vehicles. A new way of shopping is here.”

The unit is fitted with low noise floor and TK – Advancer A-500 whisper PRO cooling equipment. Both elements align with PIEK regulations.

The chassis is also equipped with an automatic load distribution control system to prevent overloading of the fifth wheel and the OptiTurn system that improves the manoeuvrability of the trailer on roundabouts and sharp bends.

Finally, the unit is completed by SOR Ibérica’s approved thermography solution with SORTelematics fleet management add-on.

“This equipment can be installed on any reefer thanks to its free software compatible with other fleet management systems,” said SOR Ibérica.

“The data is transmitted via WIFI at no additional cost.”

In other news, SOR celebrates 50 years of industrial heritage.

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