CHEREAU launches test vehicle at Solutrans

The latest refrigerated semi-trailer, combining solar panels and an energy recovery axle, from CHEREAU was unveiled in Lyon, France, this week.

This innovation was unveiled to the public at Solutrans in Hall 1 ‘Solutrans 4.0’.

The vehicle is now entering its test phase via practical application with DELANCHY Group.

CHEREAU’s energy reefer can be powered via a 380 volt socket or battery pack. The e-axle (24 Kw) and solar panel array can also recharge the battery pack.

The trailer body is equipped with Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) insulation (Vacuum Insulated Panels) which is reported to help save 25 per cent of the refrigeration unit’s energy through thermal efficiency.

This more environmentally friendly vehicle is also equipped with the CHEREAU aerodynamic kit. The AeroTop-C, according to the OEM, provides fuel savings of up to 0.3L/100 km and the AeroFlap-C up to 0.7L/100 km. The two appendages combined offer a fuel saving of up to 1.1L/100 km.

“Our world is facing a necessary energy transition in order to drastically reduce global warming and its impact on the planet, but also on our daily lives and those of our children,” said Damien Destremau, President of THE REEFER GROUP and CHEREAU.

“We presented our corporate values in June, and one of them is: ‘Protecting the environment and preparing the future is our choice’. In concrete terms, this means that we do not want to wait for the law to force us to be better. We are therefore deliberately anticipating the most likely legislation, so that we can offer our customers relevant energy solutions to replace diesel.”

In related news, Italian fleet, Corsi, has taken delivery of a HuckePack CHEREAU vehicle at Solutrans.

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