Corsi receives CHEREAU HuckePack vehicle

Italian fleet, Corsi, has taken delivery of a HuckePack CHEREAU vehicle at Solutrans.

This rail-road solution, also known as piggybacking, allows the complete semi-trailer (chassis plus body) to be put on the train. This limits the number of vehicles on the road and allows significant savings of carbon dioxide (up to nine times less than by road according to the OEM).

This is a solution commonly used in some European countries, notably Italy, and will eventually replace in France the old MobilRail-C type solutions, i.e. a body detached from its chassis and with the chassis remaining in place.

This solution therefore provides more flexibility and requires only one chassis for one body.

The HuckePack semi-trailer is specially equipped with a gripping system that allows the gantry or reach staker clamps to pick up the semi-trailer and place it on a pocket wagon, specific to this type of transport.

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