Wielton develops ‘slim’ steel coil transporter

Poland-based OEM, Wielton, helps fleets facilitate efficient transportation of steel coils with its Coil Master Strong Light (SL) 9.0 gutter semi-trailer.

Gutter semi-trailers are reported to be specialised vehicles dedicated to the transport of steel coils. Although their application may seem narrow, the solution proposed by Wielton – the Coil Master SL 9.0 semi-trailer – allows for the economical use of the journey and the cost-effective transport of other loads as well. The low weight of this product contributes to ecological and economical driving.

Innovation in the trailer design has improved tare weight by half a tonne. Steel has also been replaced in areas with aluminium to save an additional 150kg.

Wielton Senior Product Manager, Piotr Agata, said this type of slimming of the product means the OEM can offer customers a trailer weighing only 6,600kg.

“In addition, the choice of optional equipment, such as rack boards, air tanks, support legs or rims, made of aluminium, allows you to save additional kilograms,” he said. “There is therefore a practical possibility of reducing the weight of Coil Master SL 9.0 to 6,300kg, and even 6,200kg (with very limited equipment, for example, without a spare wheel).”

Wielton initially developed the Coil Master SL 9.0 semi-trailer as a prototype for freight carrier, Regesta, which after introducing some changes, put the design into series production.

In August, Wielton announced that Regesta SA was set to take delivery of 150 Wielton Coil Master Strong Light semi-trailers for its road transport division.

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