Kögel expands in France

Kögel France SAS, a subsidiary of German OEM, Kögel, has opened a new branch in Corcelles-en-Beaujolais near Lyon.

Under the direction of the experienced sales expert Jérôme Grau, Kögel France SAS will in future be offering its products with an expanded range of services in all areas.

The independent subsidiary leverages a knowledgeable team of sales and service professionals who are available onsite and can manage country-specific fleet requirements.

The Kögel trailers of the NOVUM generation are also part of the wide range on offer in France. They combine uncompromising quality, robust lightweight construction and an awareness of sustainable logistics processes. The best example is the Kögel Cargo NOVUM: the reliable partner for logistics companies who value a stable, durable vehicle that is available in different frame and body variants as Kögel Cargo Coil, Rail and Coil Rail. The Kögel Cargo NOVUM offers a tailor-made solution for every requirement that perfectly reflects the Kögel motto ‘Economy meets Ecology – Because we care’.

“With our wide range of on-site services and products, we are well prepared for all customer inquiries,” said Grau.

“My competent team and I are available as a contact person at any time and take care of all matters, in line with the Kögel corporate philosophy ‘Because we care’. Thanks to the sustainable, economical and innovative transport solutions from Kögel, we are the ideal partner for the freight forwarding and construction industry.”

In other news, Kögel has added new features to its tipper trailer including a pneumatic underride guard.