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Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer is participating in the Solutrans fair that will take place from 16-20 November in Lyon, France.

Operating from its new headquarters in Lyon, Kässbohrer will be ready to meet its customers – at Hall 4 of Solutrans Fair – to share its latest company developments in an exhibition of efficient and high quality vehicles.

As the world adjusts to the new normal after the Covid-19 precautions, Kässbohrer leaves behind the successful digital interactions with its customers such as the K-talk webinar sessions. The team couldn’t be more excited about physical meetings with customers at international fairs.
Participating in the Solutrans fair since 2015, Kässbohrer will exhibit the finest examples of Europe’s widest product range, respectively non-tipping silo K.SSL, extendable heavy-duty platform low bed with 3 axles K.SPA M, dry freight box K.SBT 2 axle City Trailer and extendable Low Bed with 3 axles K.SLA.

With its stable design with a low centre of gravity and load distribution, Kässbohrer’s non-tipping K.SSL is the perfect solution for the most efficient transportation which makes it the ideal fit for construction road transports. While the light tare weight of 4.475kg of the K.SSL vehicle offers the best cost of ownership for Kässbohrer customers, its durability is also tested for various road conditions on 1,000,000 kilometres.

Kässbohrer’s ingeniously designed robust K.SPA M extendable Lowbed Platform made of S700MC steel has Code XL certified front panel with the highest resilience up to 22.5 tonnes. It is suitable for any operation vehicle offers multi-functional and flexible transportation capabilities with lashing rings that have 8 or 13 tonnes of capacity, pillar pockets on the side rave and on the platform, and container locks to have various load types.

Another vehicle that will be exhibited in the Kässbohrer stand is the extendable low-bed semi-trailer with three axles, K.SLA, that provides reliable performance in heavy good transportation. Tare weight of the vehicle, which starts from 11,500kg, ensures maximum loading flexibility in addition to the container locks on standard configuration. The exhibited product includes more than 40 ramp options for operational flexibility.

It is also possible to discover more about Kässbohrer’s Dry Freight Plywood Box K.SBT vehicle during the fair. The plywood box series stands out with its robustness through 20mm thick smooth plywood walls, 7.2-tonne forklift capacity phenol resin-coated plywood floor as standard, EN 12642 Code XL certificated upper structure and KTL Coated Steel Front Panel. K.SBT’s Aluminium Roller Shutter doors stand out for their high stability, straight-line design, and easy and quick loading/unloading operations.

With K-Finance, Kässbohrer offers financial solutions in cooperation with leading financial companies. In France and in Spain cooperation with BNP is established and Kässbohrer customers can take advantage of financial solutions from three to five years with competitive rates and flexible payment plans.

Kässbohrer takes care of its customer’s needs with its expert after-sales network as well as spare parts operations. Expanding its after-sales network to 674 points in Europe and Russia, all service candidates are carefully chosen to address maintenance and repair needs of the widest product range in Europe only Kässbohrer offers, meticulous and continuous audits to sustain top-quality performance.

Kässbohrer spare parts operation, with 24-hour dispatch service and upgraded digital infrastructure to guarantee 90 per cent of parts availability at all times are realised through two of its headquarters in Ulm and Goch as well as the special spare parts depot in France covering the close-by countries. One email, is easy to access for all as our dedicated team is always ready to assist our customers’ needs. Kässbohrer also works with its customers for digital system integrations to assist their operations.

Kässbohrer is looking forward to hosting its customers in Lyon, France.

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