Librelato expands aftermarket business in Brazil

Trailer builder, Librelato, has authorised a Libreparts dealer in Araguaína, Tocantins.

The latest branded parts store belongs to the representative Rodosul which is located at Av. Rio Bandeira, Quadra 15 Lot 06 and 07- Industrial Sector.

The inauguration of Libreparts took place on 10 November 2021 with live broadcast on Librelato’s YouTube channel. The new store will feature several offers and promotions, in addition to the already known premium concept of Libreparts.

Araguaína is one of the most important municipalities in Tocantins and in the northern region of the country according to Librelato.

“The limits of Araguaína are not only part of the important expansion region of the agricultural frontier in the North and Northeast regions, the geographical extension of MATOPIBA, but it is also considered the symbolic capital of MATOPIBA and the economic capital of Tocantins,” said Librelato.

Araguaína is also reported to be a strategic and strong economic centre that drives regional development. The city stands out for its grain production and state-of-the-art cattle raising, while agribusiness promotes its retail and wholesale shopping centre as well as the local agribusiness.

“Libreparts for us is a dream come true,” said Paulo Marques, Founding Partner of Rodosul. “I once heard from a great director of Librelato the following phrase ‘treat your client, as you treat your friend’. This marked my life and since then, that’s how I’ve been working. Rodosul’s objective is not only to sell road implements, but to be a source of blessing in people’s lives and always offer convenience and solutions to customers. We want to be ever closer.”

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