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After more than 30 years in the trailer manufacturing market, Lecitrailer has established itself as a leading brand in Europe, providing customisable transport solutions with products that epitomise quality, robustness, durability and lightness. At the Solutrans trade fair in Lyon, France, this Spanish OEM is set to showcase its portfolio.

The world’s top players in the commercial and urban vehicle industry – nearly 60,000 professionals along with 900 exhibitors and brands – will be in attendance for this year’s Solutrans event.

It is the 16th edition and Spain-based OEM, Lecitrailer, will be among those exhibiting from 16-20 November 2021 at Lyon Eurexpo in France.

Lecitrailer will be presenting a low bed for machinery transport, a container carrier, an Evolution reefer for distribution (specially designed for the French market), and a rigid dry freight van. In addition to manufacturing trailers and semi-trailers, Lecitrailer has the capacity to produce bodywork rigids for both curtainsiders and vans.

“We manufacture strong, durable and fully customisable vehicles to the requirements of our customers,” said Lecitrailer Export Director, Guillermo Maestre. “Since our foundation we have been committed to quality, to the continuous improvement of our products and services, to customer service and to increasing the production capacity of our plant. Our desire to improve, together with the introduction in international markets, has led us to make continuous investments in R+D+i as well as in production processes, with the clear and firm objective of obtaining a personalised product with high added value. The recent inauguration of Lecitrailer’s KTL plant, the largest and most modern in Europe, ensures a uniform layer of 50-micron KTL primer (e-coat) on the entire surface of the chassis, the highest chassis protection on the market.”
The OEM holds its aftersales products in high regard.

“Our products are still under our care until the owner decides to replace, and even then, we try to take care for their second life,” said Maestre. “We are the only manufacturer in Europe with seven service bases of our own with a combined surface area of 500,000 square metres, located in Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Lyon and soon we will open a new one in Mangualde, Portugal. All bases are equipped with the best technical means to carry out any workshop intervention on all makes and models of trailers and semi-trailers. Moreover, in all of them, our customers can also find second-hand vehicles, semi-trailers rental and original spare parts of all brands.”

Evolution distribution reefer.

This year, Lecitrailer is paying close to attention to its new generation of reefer vehicles, Evolution – a complete range of innovative solutions for refrigerated transport. The OEM has been manufacturing complete reefer vehicles (chassis and bodies) for more than nine years.
“Throughout these years, research and investment in R&D and innovation capacity has been constant in this family of products, making continuous improvements that have led to the launch of Evolution, an updated and modern reefer vehicle, twice as robust and strong as the previous version,” said Maestre. “Its structure has been very carefully designed, including more vertical glass fibre reinforcement on the sides, and it is fitted with higher density polyester inside. The floor has been strengthened, tested and certified to optimise the most demanding stresses. The one-piece fibre panels and the thermal bridge installed in all Lecitrailer refrigerated vehicles prevent internal temperature fluctuations and reduce both the consumption of diesel oil for the cooling equipment as well as any possible damage and maintenance costs. To increase the reefer load capacity, it has been possible to obtain greater interior width between baseboards and panels without reducing the 65mm of side walls. The new rear frame is wider and strengthens the connection with the side walls. And since the refrigerated transport market in France requires vehicles more focused on distribution with lots of loading and unloading operations, we have developed, together with our distributors in France, the Evolution Distribution model, adapting the rear frame and adding special reinforcements for this market.”

In February 2021, Lecitrailer intensified its partnership with Tiger Trailers.

“In some markets, we like to go hand-in-hand with local people, to adapt our products to local market and their needs,” said Maestre. “We know each other since quite a while, during this time, joint work processes have been established in which the different departments of the two companies work closely together. We have reinforced our cooperation recently, with a lot of complementary products, such as fridges, standard box vans (more mainland European type).

In addition to providing industry with a suite of quality vehicles, and the flexibility of customisation at the production stage, Lecitrailer is committed to sustainability which has been reinforced with investments it has made to its KTL plant. The OEM also moved to more energy-efficient offices to comply with its own environmental policy. “We also actively collaborate with authorities, universities and administrations for the study of CO2 reduction,” said Maestre. “The duotrailer and megatrailer projects are gaining momentum in this space in which Lecitrailer is a pioneer.”

10,000 square metres of KTL plant.
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