SOR celebrates 50 years of industrial heritage

SOR Ibérica, which is based in Spain’s third largest city, Valencia, is celebrating 50 years of innovation and refrigerated trailer manufacturing.

Since 1970, Spanish OEM, SOR Ibérica, has achieved an incredible business trajectory. Key to this ongoing success is a willingness from the reefer specialist to engage directly with its customers while promoting professional development and industry best practice at all levels of the organisation. SOR proudly celebrates 50 years of operation.

“We are proud to be able to share our satisfaction with this achievement with all those who have undoubtedly helped us to achieve it,” said SOR. “Customers, supplier employees and shareholders have undoubtedly been essential to our growth and this will undoubtedly continue in the future.”
SOR, a manufacturer of car bodies and refrigerated vehicles, in Valencia, Spain, differentiates itself in the market with its strong customer service focus. Continuous development of firm values backed by an ambitious team driven by a hard-working ethic has made the past 50 years of what is now an industrial heritage possible.

SOR Ibérica SAU was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in the December of 1970 to satisfy local demand for quality road transport equipment to cart fresh fruit, vegetables and ice cream from Valencian producers.

This project gained momentum in Spain and soon set its sights on international markets where the business was able to flourish.

SOR, from the beginning, specialised in the development and production of refrigerated vehicles and continues to do so. Equally constant is the OEM’s approach to supporting fleets with state-of-the-art equipment, tailoring its products for specific applications. The basis of SOR’s success is found in its collaborative efforts bolstered by firm principles – commitment, responsibility and professionalism.

SOR Export Director, Antoine Kapsa.

Over the past 50 years, the company has consolidated its market presence due to growth in vision, passion, entrepreneurship, motivation, strategy, perseverance, leadership and experience. Similarly, the company’s product portfolio has expanded by prioritising custom vehicles over standard production.

“We are very proud of the evolution of the company,” said SOR Group General Director, José Górriz. “We have managed to grow as a company in many ways, in staff, in values, in products and services. We have consolidated ourselves thanks to effort and teamwork, but above all, thanks to the trust that the most important part of the company, our clients, have placed in us. Therefore, we do not tire of giving thanks for it. For this reason, we have been ‘moving together’ for 50 years.

The key to success
The SOR semi-trailer is, according to the OEM, the benchmark in Spain in terms of quality, tare, robustness, design, efficiency (K coefficient) and quality perceived by customers.

“At an international level, SOR has been able to quickly adapt to the very diverse operations / needs of customers in each market,” said SOR Export Manager, Antoine Kapsa. “In addition to supporting and creating long-term relationships with local distributors this allows us to be a very recognised brand in Europe and North Africa.”

Modernisation and technology to face the future
SOR has made a great commitment that has led it to modernise its facilities and increase its production capacity. The objective has always been and will be to continue offering the market the most profitable refrigerated vehicles for its customers in every way, so its efforts are always focused on that objective.

The recent investment in a new production line, following the same hydraulic pressing technology, allows the business to grow volumes significantly and secures its place as one of the major players in the refrigerated vehicle industry in Europe.

Make easy and feasible what is impossible for others
SOR is always at least one step ahead in the development of refrigerated vehicles. SOR units were among the first to participate in the initial articulated vehicle tests in Spain. Also, SOR reefers were reported to be the first with directional systems.
“We have one of the best tares in the market, an enviable K value and a know-how acquired in the different markets of Europe that makes us the best bet,” said SOR.

SOR Group General Director, José Górriz.

Looking towards the future
The world is in the process of changing both the needs of the final consumer and the needs of transport. SOR is prepared to meet new challenges: expansion of technical specifications, connectivity, online purchase distribution, last mile vehicles, reduction of the carbon footprint, without losing sight of it, improving the external image of vehicles by applying new technologies. of production.

“We have 50 years of industrial heritage that give us the energy and drive to continue with the same enthusiasm with which we started,” said SOR. “The objective is to be ‘the supplier of refrigerated vehicles chosen by customers’ both in Spain and in Europe because we are a safe, efficient and profitable bet. The results support us.”

To celebrate, SOR has launched its ‘Anniversary Trailer’ – a limited series of 50 vehicles with a truly special finish (which is in addition to the specific customer specification) and significant lettering. The OEM is only going to launch 50 units of this type for those clients who want to celebrate SOR’s 50 years of industrial heritage.