Solutrans 2021 preview

As anticipation builds to a fever pitch, here is a glimpse of what you can expect to experience at this year's Solutrans trade fair in Lyon, France.

Under the patronage of the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, biennial trade fair Solutrans 2021 is the place to be for the latest in heavy and light commercial vehicle innovation. the event will be held 16-20 November at Eurexpo.

Road transportation as we know it is changing. There is a revolution of sorts in how industry is harnessing energy to improve operational efficiency as well as minimise carbon footprints. Sweeping legislation on these matters across Europe has accelerated thought leadership and empowered innovators to address these challenges head-on. Right now, there are regulations in place to reduce harmful emissions as well as pressure on vehicle makers to consider hybrid concepts to transition away from diesel including hydrogen, biofeul and electric batteries.

This scratches the surface of what to expect from the conferences and professional discussions to be had at this year’s Solutrans.

As a platform for innovation, the trade fair is once again conducting a range of initiatives. The Innovations Awards, organised by FFC, recognise outstanding innovations and performance of body-built vehicles. The awards will be presented at an evening function in a legendary venue, the Lyon Groupama Stadium. A new ‘Digital Award’ will acknowledge the success of a company working in computer technology or connectivity as it applies to the sector.

The winners of the well-known international awards ‘International Truck of the Year’, ‘International Van of The Year’, and ‘International Pick up Award’ will also be revealed at the prestigious gala evening. look out for the presentation of the 2020 and 2021 Industry Personality of the Year Awards which pay tribute to an institutional figure for their actions and their commitment to the industry.

Kässbohrer to exhibit efficient, high quality vehicles
As the world adjusts to the new normal after the Covid-19 precautions, the trailer builder leaves in its wake a successful digital interactivity strategy it held with its customers – K-talk webinar sessions, a virtual fair.

The team at Kässbohrer said they couldn’t be more excited about resuming face-to-face meetings with customers at international trade events.

At Solutrans, Kässbohrer will demonstrate the finest examples of Europe’s widest product range, respectively non-tipping silo K.SSL, extendable heavy-duty platform low bed with three axles K.SPA M, dry freight box K.SBT 2 axle City Trailer and extendable Low Bed with three axles K.SLA.

With its stable design with a low centre of gravity and load distribution, Kässbohrer’s non-tipping K.SSL is the perfect solution for the most efficient transportation which makes it the ideal fit for construction road transports. While the light tare weight of 4.475 kg of the K.SSL vehicle offers the best cost of ownership for our customers, its durability is also tested for various road conditions on 1,000,000 kilometres.

Kässbohrer’s ingeniously designed robust K.SPA M extendable Lowbed Platform made of S700MC steel has Code XL certified front panel with the highest resilience up to 22,5 tonnes. Our suitable for any operation vehicle offers multi-functional and flexible transportation capabilities with lashing rings that have 8 or 13 tonnes of capacity, pillar pockets on the side rave and on the platform, and container locks to have various load types.

Also on display will be the extendable low-bed semi-trailer with three axles, K.SLA, which is reported to provide reliable performance in heavy goods transportation applications. The tare weight of the vehicle, which starts from 11.500kg, ensures maximum loading flexibility in addition to the container locks on standard configuration. The exhibited product includes more than 40 ramp options for operational flexibility.

It is also possible to discover more about Kässbohrer’s Dry Freight Plywood Box K.SBT vehicle during the fair. The Plywood box series stands out with its robustness through 20mm thick smooth plywood walls, 7.2-tonne forklift capacity phenol resin-coated plywood floor as standard, EN 12642 Code XL certificated upper structure and KTL Coated Steel Front Panel. K.SBT’s Aluminium Roller Shutter doors stand out for their high stability, straight-line design, and easy and quick loading/unloading operations.

With excellent products comes excellent service. The OEM has expanded its aftersales network to 674 points in Europe and Russia. All service candidates are carefully chosen to address maintenance and repair needs of the widest product range in Europe only Kässbohrer offers, meticulous and continuous audits to sustain top-quality performance.

Kässbohrer’s spare parts operation, with 24-hour dispatch service and upgraded digital infrastructure to guarantee 90 per cent of parts availability at all times is realised through two of its headquarters in Ulm and Goch as well as the special spare parts depot in France covering the close-by countries.

Carrier Transicold invites attendees to visit their stand
Visit stand 4A122 to discover the cold chain innovations that Carrier is set to debut.

For a sneak peek of what to expect, the transport refrigeration specialist detailed some of its latest developments in an exclusive interview.

SAF-Holland to unveil modern suspension systems and intelligent trailer accessories
At Eurexpo Hall 3 A015 as part of Solutrans, SAF-Holland will also present its electric regenerative braking axle SAF TRAKr.

“This is how we create added value for commercial vehicle manufacturers and haulage companies,” said SAF-Holland France Managing Director, Jean Baghdad.

“With our new electric axles, in particular the SAF TRAKr regenerative braking axle, we are ready for a sustainable future.

“We are delighted that we will have the opportunity to communicate this at Solutrans 2021 in person.”

SAF TRAKr uses regenerative braking to minimise fuel consumption as well as carbon dioxide and particulate emissions from trailers. This, according to the manufacturer, protects the environment and extends the service life of components.

The generators on the electric axle are also constructed without rare earth metals and copper.

“Our electrically driven ales make heavy goods transport more sustainable and also more efficient,” said Baghdad.

Reefers are the preferred spec for SAF TRAKr where refrigeration units and heaters can be run completely with electricity on a temporary basis.

Also on show will be the Trailermaster telematics system which networks components and supplies digital data in real-time. This system is reported to modernise transport processes simplify fleet management.

From axles to king pins, the complete SAF-Holland product range will be represented.

Event attendees will have access to SAF INTRADISC plus INTEGRAL axle with two-part brake disc or drum brake, MODUL air suspension systems and landing gears from SAF-Holland and subsidiary brand SAUER QUALITY PARTS.

Also, SAF-Holland will present safe and robust fifth wheels for various applications, spare parts, kingpins, couplings from Italian subsidiary V.ORLANDI as well as a selection of rims.

Goldhofer sets the low loader gold standard
At this year’s Solutrans, Goldhofer will showcase the new friction-steered semi low loader »STEPSTAR« and a force-steered »MPA« 4 (1+3) semi-trailer designed specifically for the French market. What the two have in common is an impressive range of applications for transporting heavy loads, so that haulage companies can use them for a wide variety of transportation operations.

“Handling as much work as possible with a minimum number of vehicles is the recipe for success with smart fleets,” said Goldhofer Regional Sales Manager, Romuald Espinasse. “So, we are delighted to be able to present these products to our customers.”

The self-steering, three- to five-axle »STEPSTAR« semi lowloaders offer a combination of low deadweight and high payload. They also feature a well-designed loading area and full system for secure lashing. In combination with the loadable »MEGA« gooseneck, total rig length can be utilised to the full, even when transporting high loads. The loading area itself is fitted with the hard-wearing flooring TRAFFIDECK GO co-developed by Goldhofer. This not only saves weight compared with wood or rubber flooring but, with a thickness of just 8mm, it is also extremely thin and has a very high coefficient of friction for optimum load securing. The additional anti-slip sanding provides enhanced safety in all weather conditions.

For heavy haul companies one of the major drawcards of the »STEPSTAR« is its outstanding flexibility. The extra long and wide excavator arm recess is open to the rear. It is designed to take even very long and large excavator arms such as those used in the demolition business. This greatly increases the vehicle’s range of applications. It also comes with Goldhofer’s new generation of ramps, which have a very low ramp angle and are easy to mount and remove, so they can also be used with other »STEPSTAR« lowloaders in the fleet.

“The »STEPSTAR« series meets our customers’ expectations in terms of quality and intelligent details at a competitive price,” said Espinasse. “The vehicles can be used for permit-free transportation throughout Europe with payloads of up to 26.3 tonnes and a gross rig length within the 16.5m limit.”

Specially designed for the French market, the »MPA« 4 (1+3) low loader semi-trailer makes light work of a wide range of heavy haul operations. With a low loading height of only 785mm, the robust and durable »MPA« 4 is the ideal solution for transporting high loads such as construction machinery, plant components and crane segments.

The Reefer Group is the tip of the energy transition spear
CHEREAU will be presenting a new energy refrigerated semi-trailer in line with the themes of ‘better preservation’ and ‘better consumption’ This trailer can be powered via mains thanks to a 380-volt socket or by a battery pack.

The battery pack is recharged by an energy recovery axle (e-axle 24 Kw) or by the roof, which is entirely covered with solar panels. The body is equipped with VIP insulation (Vacuum Insulated Panels), vacuum insulation is the best insulation available and can save up to 25 per cent of energy in the refrigeration unit. Multiplexed, this vehicle is also equipped with the CHEREAU aerodynamic kit: the AeroTop-C which allows to save up to 0,3L/100 km and the AeroFlap-C allowing to save 0,7L/100 km or 1,1L/100 km when coupled.

Meanwhile, SOR Ibérica, which is based in Spain’s third largest city, Valencia, is celebrating 50 years of innovation and refrigerated trailer manufacturing.

BPW takes the lead with axles, running gear and transport networks
At the Solutrans trade fair in Lyon, the BPW Group confirmed its claim to being a European technology leader for axles, running gear systems and the digital networking of driver, freight and vehicle. For the first time, BPW and Thermo King are presenting a climate-efficient cooling system for trailers together that recovers energy through an innovative, intelligent running gear.

In mid-November, Lyon becomes the hub of the European transport and logistics industry. At the Solutrans trade fair, the leading manufacturers are displaying which solutions will move freight, drivers and vehicles in the future. Trend subject number one: Climate efficiency and e-mobility. With the BPW Group and Thermo King, two industry leaders are presenting the first details of a system solution together that should revolutionise refrigerated transport: A modular component kit, with which vehicle manufacturers can realise a climate-friendly and quiet cooling solution for every application – from city transport to long-distance. The core is a an innovative energy-recovering trailer axle from BPW, which generates electricity during driving and braking. Intelligent energy management ensures that the refrigerating system always has enough energy reserves available. Typical for BPW is the modularity and easy integration of the solution into existing vehicle architectures.

OEM-readiness also characterises the axle-integrated, battery-powered drive system eTransport, which BPW is presenting in Lyon for trucks of 5.5-7.5 and 18-26 tonnes. It integrates seamlessly into existing truck chassis and is suitable as much for retrofitting as for new vehicles. At the same time, it is the basis of the truck launched in Germany under the brand BPW just a few weeks ago, which can shoulder an enormous three tonnes of load with a permitted total weight of 7.5 tonnes (without superstructure: four tonnes) – with a range of 200 kilometres. The BAX 7.5 is also characterised by its versatility; it does not need any design changes from vehicle and superstructure manufacturers, thereby allowing a quick and cost-effective market launch, even of special vehicles. The European market launch is planned for mid-2022.

Another special feature of the BAX 7.5 is a telematics system that informs the driver, scheduler and fleet manager about all the vehicle states in real time and even displays the load. It comes from the BPW subsidiary idem telematics, which is also exhibiting in Lyon: As a result of a new hardware generation (“Gateway Pro”), idem telematics drastically simplifies the installation, commissioning and maintenance of telematics for trucks and trailers. Self-assembly is also possible for the first time. In this way, idem telematics wants to further expand its position as European market leader for system-open transport connectivity.

Going forward, load securing will also be a component of a networked transport process: For the first time, in France BPW is exhibiting the multi-award winning and smart load securing system iGurt, a sensed strap, which displays the tension forces during the tightening process and sends a warning to the driver or scheduler during the journey if a critical value is reached. As a result, the safety of sensitive goods is increased and damage due to the tight lashing or the tipping of cargo, is prevented, as are dangerous accidents.

For BPW, transport efficiency and climate-efficiency are inseparable. This is why BPW has made the world’s lightest trailer running gear even lighter and also expanded the digitalisation: Thanks to digital DNA, laser technology and intelligent modules, the ‘Airlight 2’ running gear kit now covers an even wider range of applications – both on the motorway and off the beaten track. The weight saving of up to 96 kilograms with corresponding lightweight technology components is sensational. Through an online-based configurator, BPW enables vehicle manufacturers to identify and order the optimal configuration as a digital twin from trillions of possibilities. The online configuration also simplifies the design process so that an engineering degree is no longer needed in order to create a perfect trailer running gear.

“Solutrans is one of the most important leading European trade fairs and a key indicator for innovations and technologies,” said BPW General Manager Trailer Solutions & Mobility Services, Thore Bakker.

“We are therefore pleased to be able to present our new solutions and developments in Lyon. With our electric chassis solutions for inner-city and refrigerated logistics, we are setting important milestones for reducing emissions and meeting political framework conditions.

“Transport operators benefit from consistently efficient transport processes right up to the last mile.”

Thermo King on sustainable innovation in reefer tech
Taking the spotlight this year is Thermo King’s new electrification and zero-emission refrigerated transport portfolio, Evolve, which represents the firm’s commitment to delivering a solution in every cold chain segment in EMEA by 2023.

At Solutrans, Thermo King will show for the first time the new axle-powered technology. Designed to drastically reduce the environmental impact of refrigerated trailers, it incorporates the competences of Thermo King and BPW, two technology leaders for freight transport solutions. This fully integrated system combines Thermo King hybrid or fully electric trailer refrigeration units, BPW’s ePower, an axle-powered energy recovery system, and battery storage technologies developed to create an efficient, autonomously powered trailer refrigeration solution.

Other innovation-driven solutions that Thermo King will premiere at Solutrans include the Advancer A-Series trailer systems together with the new Whisper Pro and Hybrid units. The A-Series is reported to be up to 30 per cent more fuel-efficient and offers up to 40 per cent quicker pull down than the market average.

The ultra-quiet A-500 Whisper Pro complies with the most stringent noise-regulations and allows for quiet night deliveries with no compromise on capacity.

Thermo King is also showcasing single and multi-temperature V-1000 vehicle-powered units designed for larger rigid trucks between 3.5 to 25 tonnes. The new V-1000 is equally or more powerful as its nearest equivalent diesel units and offers large truck operators the benefit of advanced vehicle drive technology – low cost operation, fuel savings, low weight and compact size.

Meanwhile the all-electric E-200 refrigeration units with new Thermo King Li-ion battery, which together create a zero-emissions transport refrigeration solution that ensures an unbroken cold chain even while the driver stops for delivery, break or needs to turn off the vehicle for longer.

In addition to these innovations, Thermo King is also presenting electric reefer units (Frigoblock) for medium and heavy class rigid trucks.

At the show, Thermo King will also unveil new additions to its fleet management and connectivity value proposition.

Meet Takler Group
Takler has over 70 employees with a plant of 15000 square meters.

Since 2005, Takler has produced accessories for trailers and semi-trailers. Over the years new branches were set up in Germany and the US. In 2019 a dedicated extrusion division was also established. The company is headquartered in the industrial area of Matera where it operates a plant of 15,000 square metres with 70 employees.

At Solutrans, Takler is set to launch new accessories for trucks and trailers including suspended pullout and folding ladders, lateral protection device, fixed wheel carrier for single tyres, new homologated rear aluminium bumper with new homologation and lashing track samplings.

The ‘Klever’ is also being introduced to the market, in three distinct designs – these are aluminium locks for trailer and light commercial vehicle sideboards.

Meanwhile, ‘Knock’ is a rear aluminium door for trailers and semi-trailers. The manufacturer said it is a high performance kit which is ready to assemble and is DEKRA certified UNI EN 12642 XL, 32 tonnes.

Lastly, Takler is introducing a new aluminium extrusion line through profile samples which will be on display for industrial and commercial vehicles.

Learn more about what Lecitrailer is bringing to Solutrans in an exclusive interview
After more than 30 years in the trailer manufacturing market, Lecitrailer has established itself as a leading brand in Europe, providing customisable transport solutions with products that epitomise quality, robustness, durability and lightness. At the Solutrans trade fair in Lyon, France, this Spanish OEM is set to showcase its portfolio.

So much more to see at Solutrans
Italy’s Assali Stefen is bringing its globally renowned trailer axle and suspension systems. Learn more about the business in this exclusive interview with CEO, Giovanni Bertagnoli.

Kögel will also be at the show with its transport and service solutions in accordance with its corporate principle: ‘Economy meets Ecology – Because we care’. Two standout trailer models include the Euro Trailer and the Kögel Box. The trailer builder detailed product highlights in its NUFAM report.

Other exhibitors to look out for include Faymonville, SAE-SMB, Feldbinder, Fruehauf, Gervasi Ecologica (read our cover story), Knorr-Bremse and LAG Trailers.

In addition to hosting numerous exhibitors, Solutrans will feature an outdoor demonstration zone. Here, attendees can see innovative equipment from heavy goods vehicles to light commercial vehicles and other systems in action. The track will also be supplemented with a 25km semi-urban route to enable test drives to take place in real-life conditions around the exhibition centre. The exhibitors will present, in actual conditions, an increasing number of ‘new energy’ vehicles. A new hall, Solutrans 4.0, will also be dedicated to disruptive innovation in the commercial vehicle sector with a view to offer insight to manufacturers, body builders and other industry professionals.

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