Kögel optimises the tipper trailer

German OEM, Kögel, has added new features to its tipper trailer including a pneumatic underride guard.

The Kögel Tipper Trailer now has additional, optional steps for the control pedestal to reduce the distance to the tipper body and allow easier entry, lower positioning of the toolbox for easier access, practical, optional flashers on the new light carrier as well as an optimised underride guard to prevent the buildup of dirt and bulk material and is optionally available in a pneumatic version.

The optimised elliptical roller is reported to provide up to 20 per cent more tensile force when starting up, preventing it from getting stuck in the bulk material. The low tare weight of the underride guard allows for additional payload.

Intelligent bolted tech and the clever use of steel and aluminium has enabled a tare weight saving of about 400kg.

Also, adaptations to the frame and other components have allowed for a further reduction of 100kg.

Kögel has provided ‘made in Germany’ engineering quality for more than 85 years. It is headquartered in the Bavarian town of Burtenbach.

The OEM has factories in Ulm and Duingen (Germany) as well as Choce (Czech Republic), Verona (Italy), Gallur (Spain), Kampen (Netherlands) and
Moscow (Russia).

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