Transportes Marva stands by Fruehauf

Mexico-based transport and logistics company, Transportes Marva, has worked with trailer builder, Fruehauf, for more than 30 years.

Their latest project is a bulk order of 300 trailers including skeletal units to bolster Transportes Marva’s container handling capabilities.

Transportes Marva provides multimodal services for shipping companies around the world and services Mexico’s ports from coast to coast both on the Atlantic through the Port of Veracruz and in the Pacific through to the Port of Manzanillo.

The company also facilitates agreements with American and Canadian clients, transporting general goods, providing logistics support and engaging in door-to-door deliveries via the border port of Neuvo Laredo.

Fleet composition includes Kenworth prime movers, platform trailers, container chassis, low boys with one-, two- and three-axle varieties, double-axis dollys as well as top- and side-loaders.

Earlier this year, the Governor of Kentucky announced Fruehauf Inc. was launching its first US facility in 24 years.

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