Of silos and tankers

Combining engineering excellence and customer centricity, Kässbohrer offers the most robust, efficient and highest quality road transport equipment. The OEM’s portfolio of tankers and silo vehicles support a range of sectors from fuel and bitumen to dangerous goods, food and raw materials.

With its widest product range, Kässbohrer offers most reliable, robust and high-quality tanker and silo vehicles in 10 product groups with more than 100 different vehicles.

Kässbohrer’s Fuel Oil Tanker K.STB E bolsters the oil transportation sector due to its safety and efficiency gains. To meet versatile transportation needs, K.STB E from 36m³ to 45 m³ can be equipped with one to seven compartment options, electronic dipstick systems, seal parcel delivery systems, pump, counter, hose reel, and collector.

With a tare weight of 5,200 kg, the vehicle offers operational efficiency and enables lower fuel consumption. In compliance with ADR regulations, K.STB E features advanced safety functions that covers overfill protections.

Kässbohrer’s Trailer Innovation 201 7 Award Category ‘Safety’ winner bitumen tanker semi-trailer K.STS 32 meets the needs of hot petrochemical goods transportation and is the choice of leading European transportation companies. With its award-winning wireless remote control for discharge, K.STS 32 enables the safest bitumen loading and discharge operations. With a tare weight of 6,250 kg and tank diameter of 2,000mm, K.STS 32 offers operational efficiency and enables lower fuel consumption.

Kässbohrer’s ATP IN-Class certified K.STL food tanker series has been developed to provide safe liquid food transportation of food stuff goods from vegetable oil and milk whey as well as from chocolate to specific beverages. K.STL meet the highest hygiene standards featuring acid cleaned inner surface and CIP cleaning lines that reach every point inside the tank ensuring zero residue. With 30 m³ volume, three compartments and KTL coated steel chassis, the vehicle stands for durability. With an empty weight of 5,750 kg, K.STL enables increased load capacity and is more environmentally friendly by reducing fuel consumption, offering high efficiency whether it is filled or empty. In addition to K.STL, Kässbohrer also offers pressurised food tanker K.STL P that has been engineered to provide hygienically transportation of delicate goods such as chocolate, nut cream and specific beverages with its unsurpassed surface quality.

Kässbohrer’s ADR stainless steel chemical tanker series K.STC can be offered with various volume options from 28m³ to 37m³ and is the lightest chemical tanker series on the market including 30 m³. K.STC with 6,500kg tare weight, presenting unparalleled operational efficiency along with uncompromising safety. With versatile compartment configurations, walkthrough baffle possibility, insulation and heating options as well as discharge systems, K.STC ensures safe, easy and continuous operations.

The lightest silo range offered by Kässbohrer
Kässbohrer successfully meets its customers’ operational needs with its high-quality silo vehicles.

Kässbohrer’s non-tipping silo trailer series K.SSL is available with volumes of 31m³, 35m³, 38m³ and 40m³ to accommodate variations in material density to be transported. K.SSL series is making a difference with its light weight, fast discharge, and high safety functions. With refined design and wheelbase, the K.SSL series provides high manoeuvrability even under challenging road conditions.

For intermodal transport, Kässbohrer manufactures 20’, 30’ and 40’ silo containers responding to longstanding high quality silo container demand. With its 60.4m³ gross volume, K.CON S 40 has the biggest capacity available for 40’ in the market. Fully in compliance with CSC and with UlC-Rail codifications, K.CON S is also suitable for the transportation of food like sugar, flour, etc. with its stainless-steel air lines and discharge line, grinded weldings, manholes, and hose carriers.

K.CON also provides proven stackability up to 136,000 kg and 4+1 storage with its tare weight and light frame.

Kässbohrer’s K.SSK tipping silo series suitable for transporting powder, or granular materials such as sugar, coffee, plastics, ash, and much more are available in volumes starting from 40m³ to 90m³ depending on transportation requirements.

Kässbohrer is the only semi-trailer manufacturer capable of producing tipping silos in one piece, with a continuous aluminium chassis and with a volume up to 90m³. The extruded one-piece seamless chassis offers durability, long and efficient product life. With enhanced flow angles and smooth aluminium inner surfaces, Kässbohrer silos provide continuous material flow.

Kässbohrer’s K.SSK tipping ADR silo series are available as K.SSK ADR in volumes from 40m³ to 60m³ depending on the fleet’s versatile dangerous powder and granular materials needs such as carbide, coal, ashes, and metal chips. K.SSK ADR series, the lightest ADR silos in the market, are designed, analysed, and tested with compliance to ECTA/DOW recommendations and ADR regulations.

Kässbohrer silo and tanker vehicles have been manufactured by the most competent team since 2013. Kässbohrer welding teams are trained in TUV DEKRA certified Kässbohrer Academy for welding technologies.

Kässbohrer will participate in Solutrans 2021 Fair
Kässbohrer has been participating in Solutrans since 2015. As the 2021 Solutrans fair is confirmed to take place in physical fair format the OEM is once again taking its place at Hall 4. Kässbohrer teams will be ready to welcome all our stakeholders in an exhibition of a selection of Kässbohrer widest product range.

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