Klomp specifies Broshuis low loaders

Mobile home transport specialist, Klomp, has put into service its second two-axle pendular-axle low loader from Broshuis.

The low loader is equipped with an ultra-low central beam with a large lowered floor on either side. The trailer also extends at the rear of the axle set so it can be easily loaded/unloaded at the front with the wheels under the chalet.

It also features fixed ramps at the front and a removable neck.

Broshuis said the low loader can be operated via remote control and there is also room on the axle set for a tractor to be used at unloading sites.

A winch is attached to the front of the axle set to allow for the chalets to be pulled onto the load loader.

Klomp has ordered four of these trailers.

Last year, the US army tested the Dutch OEM’s PL2 pendle axle semi low loader range.

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