Albert Keijzer partners with LAG

Netherlands-based bulk transport carrier, Albert Keijzer, is expanding its fleet with a new range of LAG silo vehicles.

The new LAG tipping silo tankers, spec’d for sugar transportation, feature PSI tyre inflation, 10-tonne axles in combination with a trailing axle as well as a proximity switch on top of the walkway which helps to prevent the semi-trailer from leaving with an extended tipping cylinder of handrail.

“LAG Trailers designed this series completely tailored to our operations,” said Albert Keijzer Technical Manager, Jos Baltes.

“The focus on safety and sustainability is fully in line with our long-term vision.”

Albert Keijzer recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

On the back of its centenary celebrations, Albert Keijzer built a new headquarters, introduced tractors on bio-CNG to its fleet and continues to minimise its carbon footprint by obtaining environmental certificates.

“The goal is for our customers to operate worry-free,” said Albert Keijzer General Manager, Rob de Visser.

“We do this by means of better information facilities, reduction of waste flows, and so on.

“A good example of this is the collaboration with the Cosun Beet company (formerly Suikerunie). Our tractors ran on self-produced green gas from them. This gave Cosun Beet Company a lean & green star; a very strong achievement. We are very proud of this.”

In other news, French logistics firm, Modalis, is pushing to almost double its company’s revenue in the next three years with the help of Belgium-based trailer builder, LAG.

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