Port of Bremen improves road transport access

Road works are set to commence on Senator-Borttscheller-Strasse in the Bremerhaven overseas port area in Germany.

The road surface, over a length of 700 metres, between the entrance to the Eurogate Container Terminal / Container Freight Station and the Amerikaring intersection has been flagged for renewal.

In the coming weeks, the work should be completed with the construction of a concrete channel in the area of ​​the level crossings, the construction of a traffic island on the Amerikaring and the application of road markings.

In addition to the necessary road renovation, the aim of the construction project is to improve the traffic accessibility of the car terminal. The renewal of the road will be used to solve a well-known traffic problem in the port. In the past, heavy traffic has caused considerable backlogs here. When a particularly large number of car transporters are on their way to the terminal, it sometimes jams from the left turn that is too short to the Weddewarden customs gate and beyond. If the truck traffic is separated from the rest of the traffic here, the traffic jams can be reduced significantly.

At the beginning of May, at the level of the Imsumer Deich level crossing, the laying of supply and disposal lines in the street side area began. A total of 10,000 square metres of street area will be renewed and expanded during this construction project.

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