Valencia-based fleet exclusively specifies Lecitrailer

Rafa Grau Transports has added 10 XL tarpaulins with Lecitrailer bilateral elevation to its fleet.

With this new addition, the company based in Villanueva de Castellón, Valencia, now has more than 250 semi-trailers in its fleet, all Lecitrailer equipment.

Throughout the year, its fleet made up of rigid trucks and tarpaulin semi-trailers, coil racks, refrigerators, Megatrailers and Duotrailers, for general cargo and transportation of beverages, fruit, paper reels and the recycling industry.

Whether it be paper or plastic, the fleet performs an average of 42,000 services and covers more than 7,000,000 kilometres.

In addition to providing the traditional logistics services, for a few months now, Rafa Grau Transports have been involved in a total logistics management project to provide a more complete service to its customers, with the possibility of outsourcing their efforts in distribution.

Rafa Grau Transports’ commitment to a more sustainable future is key to its business philosophy which is why it deploys high productivity vehicles such as Duotrailers and Megatrailers in its transport operations.

Earlier this year, Spanish trucking company, Trans Ogueta, invested in 50 new Lecitrailer semi-trailers to modernise its fleet.