Aramex supports efforts to deliver relief items

A new partnership between Aramex and International Humanitarian City (IHC) is expected to enhance efficiencies in delivering global humanitarian aid.

As part of the agreement, Aramex will be leveraging its extensive global network and deep industry expertise to support IHC in facilitating and expediting the transportation of aid including food, medicine, and vaccines to those who need it most around the world. In addition, the alliance will pursue synergies in integrating innovation and energy efficiency in humanitarian initiatives, and in optimising the storage of relief items.

“This partnership with IHC will help us deliver on our commitment of making a positive impact on the societies and human lives by leveraging our core services and global network to deliver basic needs to those in need in a safe, reliable and timely manner,” said Aramex President, Andy Van der Velde.

“We believe this comes at an incredibly crucial time when the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread and affect the lives of many people across the globe. We very much look forward to a longstanding and impactful relationship with IHC, and to provide them with needed support to help them achieve their mission.”

IHC CEO, Giuseppe Saba, said: “We are extremely proud to welcome within IHC family a new partner from the private sector. I’m honoured today [October 19] to sign this partnership with Aramex and to explore together innovative solutions for improving relief operations in emergency response, and by supporting the humanitarian community in helping the people most in need around the world.

“The IHC community’s Covid-19 response last year reached 119 countries with 1,023 dispatched shipments and $98.7 million in value.

“The role of the private sector has been instrumental and we hope this partnership will further enhance the emergency preparedness and response capabilities for an efficient humanitarian action.”

Aramex has been involved in several initiatives related to supporting medical, cultural and humanitarian projects.

Last year, the company joined the Hope Consortium, a UAE-based public-private partnership, to safely and responsibly deliver vaccine doses under cold and ultra-cold conditions between transportation hubs, warehouses, medical facilities and other final destinations.

In other news, Aramex Kuwait expanded its facility in Agility Logistics Park in Sulaibiya.