Toll commits to EV rollout in Singapore

ST Logistics, a Toll subsidiary in Singapore, recently launched several Electric Vehicles (EVs) successfully with the intent to progressively transition its entire fleet.

The Singapore Government unveiled a plan in February 2021 to actively lower the country’s net carbon emissions significantly by 2030.

By 2025, the plan would see all diesel car registrations to cease to increase the uptake of EVs.

With the switch from diesel to electric, Singapore has set a target to reach a total of 60,000 charging points including 40,000 in public carparks and 20,000 in private premises by 2030.

Toll’s Singapore operations have already begun preparations to expand its EV capabilities.

The Singapore Automotive Hub is now EV ready, having recently equipped a staging floor with EV chargers, for multiple car models, to facilitate pre-delivery and maintenance for its customers. To further encourage EV adoption across the Singapore business, Toll is also exploring the installation of more EV charging stations at other sites.

“The rise of electric vehicles in the global land transportation landscape has truly been phenomenal,” said Toll Group Managing Director, Thomas Knudsen.

“Yet, it is not a surprise for those familiar with studies on the emerging data on global carbon emission and its impact on climate change.”

In addition to investing in EVs, Toll has already implemented the use of solar panels, recyclable pallets, reusable shrink wrap and new medical shippers.

The electrification of road transport equipment – electromobility – is gaining momentum around the world.

Several business partners are currently piloting an all-electric reefer innovation.

Meanwhile, a German operator has taken delivery of its first fully electric Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated semi-trailer trailer complete with electric cooling unit and generator axle.

Earlier this year, Munich-based firm, Sono Motors, spoke to Global Trailer about developing revolutionary solar-powered innovations that could transform the semi-trailer industry.

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