Librelato wins corporate citizen award

Brazil-based OEM, Librelato, has been awarded for environmental preservation.

The Librelato + Verde project has been recognised with a Corporate Citizen Award ADVB/SC 2021 in the ‘Environmental Preservation’ category.

The Association of Sales and Marketing Directors of Brazil announced the award winners last month.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for 21 October 2021 (hybrid format).

Of the 36 registered companies from Santa Catarina, 18 were considered.

“This award is the result of team work, of our professionals, representatives, clients, partners and friends who removed their seedlings and performed this noble gesture of planting a tree,” said

We are proud to be able to carry out actions that are not only relevant for the environment, but also contribute towards showing how important the community participation of companies in society is,” said Librelato CEO, José Carlos Sprícigo.

In 2020, Librelato developed and implemented the ‘Librelato + Verde’ project, a long-term initiative that promotes the planting of tree seedlings, helping the restoration of the native vegetation of Santa Catarina, as well as its monitoring and maintenance, so that the seedlings grow into mature trees.

Librelato itself offers the seedlings and through its professionals, representatives, suppliers, community, partners throughout Brazil and countries in South America, the project has spread and gained momentum. In 2020, almost 5,000 tree seedlings were planted and, this year, the number surpassed 10 thousand seedlings planted until September 21st – Arbor Day.

Librelato + Verde is one of Librelato’s actions in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is committed to complying with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, approved by the UN Member Countries and by the National Movement SDG Santa Catarina.

In addition to the seedlings planted, this year Librelato also donated more than 14,000 seeds for the production of seedlings in the region’s vegetable gardens, contributing to the restoration of native forest, especially in river sources in the Santa Catarina region.

The Librelato + Verde project aims to raise social awareness about the importance of environmental preservation and renovation of degraded areas through the planting of native Brazilian trees of the most diverse species. This was chosen by the company as one of the simplest and most beneficial alternatives for reversing the environmental impacts already caused by man in nature. The planting is considered the first phase of the project, as the trees are closely monitored as they grow by the professionals involved, who received professional guidance on how to carry out the function. Thus, it is possible to monitor all the benefits that they can offer as adults, both in terms of food and in the generation of biodiversity.

As a long-term project, the impacted areas, as well as their surroundings, continue to be monitored until they are in better conditions, compared to the period prior to planting. With its evolution, in a few years it will be possible to observe the reversal of deforestation in these areas, actions that are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda.

It is estimated that the planting of 14,300 trees has the capacity to generate a great impact on the recovery of the environment, as well as the future collaboration with CO2 absorption and improvement in oxygen quality, contributing to the reduction in global warming, in addition to avoiding erosion of the soil, also contributing to the balance and maintenance of the fauna.

In other news, Librelato appointed Silvio Campos to the role of Commercial Director.