Grunwald container chassis reach Germany

The first Grunwald container chassis, comprising a batch of 15 units, will become part of the fleet of a large German operator and will start working on intermodal routes in Germany.

A completely new model Gr.C-L3-40-45 has become an expression of all the main trends of our time in the development and creation of vehicles of this class, the OEM said in a statement.

“The semi-trailer is designed for rapid transshipment of 40′ high cube and 45′ high cube containers and has high practicality and excellent performance characteristics,” said Grunwald.

“The design, thought out to the smallest detail, allows you to perform a larger amount of work with containers in less time.

“The technical load capacity of the semi-trailer retains a high value of 34,000kg.

“The frame of the semi-trailer is entirely made of high-strength steel, taking into account the most modern design principles and solutions.

“The fitting system, both simple and functional, includes a pair of adjustable clamps in the front of the frame and a pair of stationary fittings together with a retractable bumper in the rear. The new retractable bumper has passed comprehensive tests in the European Certification Organization and has confirmed its reliability and safety. The semitrailer is equipped with an SAF axial unit or JOST axial unit at the customer’s choice. The basic version includes the WABCO Optilink monitoring system.

“First, the global container market shows steady growth in 2021. At the same time, the largest growth in demand is accounted for by the segment of containers with a larger capacity. The growth of cargo turnover pushes carriers to purposefully switch to more efficient container road trains. The first delivery of Grunwald container semitrailers to Germany confirms the brand’s entry into a high level of competitiveness and the desire for stable relationships with customers in foreign markets.”