BPW releases sustainability report

Equipment specialist, BPW, has published its fifth sustainability report in accordance with UN Global Compact criteria.

The family-owned company is taking responsibility – for environmental protection, for the people in the company, for young talents and for customers and partners. They all make it possible for BPW to develop solutions that secure and continuously expand the strengths of the world of transport.

This means that BPW combines consistency with innovation. After all, the stakeholders in the industry need reliable vehicles, new technologies and fresh ideas in order to meet the market’s growing list of requirements.

“The great challenges of our time, such as climate change, pollution and a lack of resources, require profound, reliable responses,” said BPW Managing Partner, Achim Kotz.

“Reliability, sustainability and corporate responsibility have always been a matter of course for our company. We have been bringing these values to life for generations, and we combine a down-to-earth approach with openness and continue to develop.”

Safe and efficient transport, according to BPW, helps the climate and therefore the environment and people. The efficiency of vehicles is decisive, not only with regard to how environmentally friendly they are, but also how economical they are. A lighter vehicle weight means less CO2 and more usable load – and every gram counts. BPW relies on innovative concepts and precise construction. Lightweight construction and intelligent trailer running gear save materials, tyres and fuel – and therefore costs, too. The scalable eTransport electric drive axle is setting new benchmarks for the electrification of commercial vehicles.

The production stage has a significant influence on a product’s environmental footprint. The switch from butt welding to friction welding means BPW can actively save power. The company only uses green energy – with guarantee of origin. Not only is consumption reduced across the entire company, but valuable resources such as water are conserved and the use of paper is reduced. In addition, BPW is involved in the reforestation of regional forests.

BPW is powered by its people. Their health is supported with numerous measures. Apprentices gain specialist knowledge and can use modern garages and a training centre for robotics. BPW is involved with campaigns and organisations such as DocStop, #LogistikHilft and the PROFI association (Pro Fahrer-Image e.V.) for the benefit of the men and women behind the wheel of the trucks.

The three-chapter 2021 sustainability report gives an overview of the action areas of employees and society, product responsibility and environment and energy, as well as other developments in the company.

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