Advanced transportation solutions are changing the world for the better: Grunwald

Grunwald is a modern machine-building plant located in the westernmost region of Russia – in the city of Kaliningrad on the border with Poland.

A manufacturer of semi-trailers and superstructures on truck chassis with an important mission for the modern world – to bring countries and societies closer to each other, goods and services more accessible, to unite people and communities through the dissemination of advanced transport solutions.

Since the founding of the brand in 2007 and to this day, Grunwald has been creating solutions for the construction industry, where every day Grunwald tipper equipment builds new and repairs existing roads so that people are free to want to move quickly and safely.

Grunwald container carriers provide intermodal transport, making goods from different parts of the world more accessible to each individual, strengthening the global trade turnover.

Grunwald semi-trailers provide uninterrupted life support to the community by delivering food, medicine, clothing and many other goods to their distribution points.

The proximity to the European market and the countries of the European Union dictated many of the principles that have become fundamental for the Company and the Grunwald brand. Commitment to high quality, design with meticulous attention to detail, advanced manufacturing standards, maximum efficiency and safety of our products. The quality of the manufactured Grunwald equipment fully meets the expectations of European carriers.

The modern Russian plant is striving for leadership in the field of commercial delivery vehicles. Today, the Grunwald model range includes more than 30 models of semi-trailers for a wide variety of transport tasks – from construction transport to transporting agricultural products, from transshipment of sea containers to moving tank containers to delivery points. The entire range of Grunwald semi-trailers is presented in the maximum configuration for comfortable and safe work in any conditions.

The company has secured its status as a reliable supplier of tipper bodies for European OEMs in Russia. Constantly mastering new chassis and increasing the volume of supplies. Today, Grunwald tipper superstructures are widely represented for almost all models of the Big Seven trucks and operate in almost all Russian regions.

Grunwald dump semi-trailers and container carriers are certified and comply with the requirements of European norms and regulations, which ensures free admission of goods to the markets of all countries of the European Union.

The permanent goal of Grunwald is the production of high-tech and efficient commercial vehicles. Grunwald semi-trailers have come a long way to meet all the requirements of each particular carrier. Everything about them is thought out for one purpose – uptime to bring profit to the transport company.

Grunwald semi-trailer equipment originates in Russia, but is already widely known far beyond its borders – the CIS countries, Northern Europe and Africa. Customers from Sweden have expressed high appreciation and confidence in the Grunwald brand, entrusting them with the development and supply of tipper bodies, taking into account local transport and legal requirements.

A modern Russian enterprise never ceases to improve its products, adapt them to new working conditions and requirements. New models of Grunwald semi-trailers continue the previously set vector – lighter, more technologically advanced, more efficient, and more reliable.

The entire Grunwald dump truck line has the status of a certified member of the ‘Hardox In My Body’ program from the Swedish concern SSAB. This confirms the reputation of the Grunwald brand as a leading Russian manufacturer of dump trucks for construction transport. ‘Hardox In My Body’ is both a seal of quality and a seal of confidence in the best products on the market.

The company maintains long-term partnerships with leading component manufacturers, whose reputation is trusted by carriers around the world, such as BPW, SAF, Wabco, Ovako, Hyva, Binotto, Michelin. A developed network of certified service stations ensures long-term, trouble-free and efficient operation of Grunwald equipment.

The Grunwald plant today is a modern industrial complex, a wide range of semi-trailer models in production and countless modifications and designs. And the ability to produce and supply semitrailers in the shortest possible time (up to 6 weeks) gives the Russian manufacturer an additional advantage in the market.