H.Essers upgrades HQ

Logistics firm, H.Essers, inaugurated its new headquarters on 19 July 2021 which now accommodates 185 staff.

As a prominent employer in the Belgian province of Limburg, H.Essers remains true to its local roots: The new HQ is located on familiar ground, on its existing site at Genk Noord.

The building itself, a beautiful new landmark on the Limburg skyline, was designed as an exemplar of sustainability. It features green roofs, passive cooling and renewable energy, and it is completely future proof. An equally important consideration is employee comfort and wellbeing, thanks to a health-conscious ventilation system and a modern office layout. In this way, the new building fits in seamlessly with the H.Essers sustainability strategy. And it reinforces Limburg’s key position as a logistics gateway to the rest of Europe.

Work on the new headquarters for H.Essers started back in 2019. Despite a delay in construction due to the pandemic, the building has now been completed and is already in use.

“Our goal was to optimise the available space,” said H.Essers Chief Procurement Officer, Salvatore Napolitano.

“We demolished the old car park, replacing it with a parking tower with an exterior green wall: a solution that is both sustainable and vertical, thus taking up less space.”

The main office building offers 4,200 square metres of space over six floors, which add up to a total height of 30 metres.

Earlier this year, H.Essers established an ISO tank terminal adjacent to its warehouses in Wilrijk.

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