JOST to exhibit at Transport 2021 in Denmark

Equipment specialist, JOST, will present its latest innovations at Transport 2021 in Herning, Denmark, from 16-18 September.

Special highlights of the JOST exhibition include the command steer axle ZGA with the electronic steering system EF-S and the automatic coupling system KKS.

Brian Knudsen, Area Manager Denmark at JOST World, is looking forward to the show.

“We are very excited to be exhibiting at Transport 2021 in Herning for the first time,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity to finally meet again and talk about our interesting product innovations in person! We are happy to be able to present new and existing products from the complete range of our portfolio. Also, we have been look- ing forward to properly introduce our trailer axle range to Denmark.”

JOST exhibits the automatic coupling system KKS for the first time in Scandinavia at Transport in Herning. The KKS, which has been introduced in spring 2021, enables the driver to perform the coupling and uncoupling of the semi-trailer automatically, quickly and safely from the cab by remote control. The unique combination of fifth wheel, plug-in connections, electric landing gear and remote control brings together all the individual components to ensure that the semi-trailer can be changed quickly and safely. This allows efficiency, convenience and safety gains and KKS represents the future of logistics as an important building block for autonomous driving.

Narrow depots, winding city streets and a 16.5m long articulated truck that has to be steered safely – this is where conventional axle systems reach their limits and the use of a command steer axle is called for. JOST’s command steer axle ZGA improves the manoeuvrability of the vehicle, thereby saving time and fuel and ensuring less tire wear. Technically the JOST ZGA impresses with a small steering radius, the lowest steering forces and thus reduced energy consumption. Naturally, the axle is compatible with all common steering systems, whether mechanical, hydraulic or electronic.

At Transport 2021, JOST will present the ZGA axle in combination with the TRIDEC EF-S electronic steering system. Up to three JOST ZGA command steer axles can be used. The steering angle can be easily adapted to the available installation space and the required manoeuvrability.

JOST will present its innovations and proven products at Transport 2021 in Hall L, Stand 9010.

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