Wielton confirms 150 tailor-made trailer order

Freight and logistics specialist, Regesta SA, is set to take delivery of 150 Wielton Coil Master Strong Light semi-trailers for its road transport division.

The company has entrusted long-time trailer builder partner Wielton to provide a tailor-made solution for a contract that involves the transportation of steel coils.

While the equipment meets the special requirements of Regesta, Wielton has factored in a more universal design so that the trailers can be utilised to transport other goods as well.

To achieve this the trailer has undergone a weight reduction of almost 500kg while maintaining the tipper length of more than nine metres required by the customer.

Despite being lighter than a standard curtain-type gutter semi-trailer, the design hasn’t come at a cost of structural strength and durability.

Transportation of other goods has been made possible by having the coil-trough binded with the correct platform, a design often considered unprofitable.

In this instance a perforated frame structure and high-strength steel have been used, following the reduction in the width of some individual elements such as gutter liner. Additionally, transverse beams connecting the load securing pillars have been eliminated.

The trough weighs approximately 500 kg, which significantly reduces the product’s versatility compared to a standard curtain trailer.

Regesta SA has been providing professional services in the field of moving goods by road as well as domestic and international forwarding for 26 years.

It specialises in the transport of steel in coils, with many of its clients production and trading companies from the steel and automotive industries.

The high quality of the services provided by the company has also found recognition among enterprises related to the wood, construction and paper industries.

As it prioritises customer satisfaction, it selects only proven manufacturers of trucks and trailers including Wielton, for whom it has partnered for over 20 years.

A majority of the 1,100 trailers Regesta has ordered previously from Wielton have been coil-muffler curtain trailers.

According to Wielton the new trailers allow for more economical and ecological driving and provide greater flexibility in terms of the type of cargo that can be moved.

By reducing the total weight of the set, Wielton anticipates a healthy reduction in fuel consumption will ensue while additional payload afforded by the lighter trailer will reduce the number of journeys required.

Lighter weight also saves tires and braking system components.

“The Regesta company, with which we have been successfully co-operating for over 20 years, contacted us with a specific task,” said Piotr Agata, Wielton SA Senior Product Manager.

“Our business partner was looking for a universal trailer that would be dedicated to the transport of steel coils, but at the same time its low weight would also allow for the profitable transport of other goods.

“We are not afraid of challenges at Wielton and we are happy to undertake non-standard solutions fully tailored to the requirements of our clients. Our response to Regesta’s needs is the new Coil Master Strong Light, a trailer specially designed and manufactured by Wielton. This is a unique product that, after minor modifications, will also go to mass production.”

Rafał Kwiecień, President of the Management Board of Regesta SA, said the company was thrilled to be cooperating again with Wielton for whom it has relied on for equipment solutions over the past two decades.

“We appreciate that the manufacturer from Wieluń is open to looking for personalised solutions that meet our requirements and support us in improving our competitiveness on the market,” he said.

“It is a partner who understands our needs and provides high-quality products that make our work easier.”

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