WIT supports gender diversity measures in infrastructure deal

Women In Trucking Association (WIT) President and CEO, Ellen Voie, has thanked US senators for including gender diversity measures in bipartisan infrastructure legislation.

WIT is dedicated to promoting and protecting women in the transportation and logistics industry.

“We believe that women can contribute much more to the trucking world and have worked tirelessly to increase gender diversity in the industry,” said Voie.

“We are excited that language in the bill will establish a transportation workforce outreach program that will help realize this vision by investing in a broad campaign to encourage more women to consider careers in trucking, aviation, rail and maritime.

“WIT has also strongly advocated for legislation that directs the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to establish and facilitate a Women of Trucking Advisory Board promoting organisations and programs that provide education, training, mentorship, or outreach to women in the trucking industry. The inclusion of this legislation in the larger infrastructure bill is a significant step toward not only growing the number of women in the industry, but also helping ensure they are able to grow within it.

“We have long worked with leaders on both sides of the aisle to promote gender diversity in the trucking industry and are thankful to the members of Congress and their staffs who have listened to the needs of women in the industry. While the road is long yet, we view the inclusion of these measures as a major accomplishment and are optimistic about the chances for their passage.”

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