CIMC promotes rural revitalisation through strategic cooperation

Guangdong Supply & Marketing Group and CIMC have agreed to carry out further in-depth cooperation across various logistics segments.

Some of these fields include cold chain logistics backbone network construction, new logistics equipment, multimodal transportation and cross-border logistics, industrial park development and financial investment.

The agreement was signed in 12 July 2021.

Since 2021, under the strong support of Guangdong Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association and leaders at all levels of Guangdong Supply & Marketing Group, CIMC Cold Chain under CIMC and Tianye Cold Chain under Guangdong Supply & Marketing Group have carried out practical cooperation in pre-cooling, quick-freezing, storage and fresh-keeping.

The two businesses have already carried out field trials of litchi and asparagus in Gaozhou, Dianbai, Conghua, Jiangmen and Jiangtun of Zhaoqing in Guangdong province. Both parties have also conducted technical joint experiment and repeated evaluation. Litchi can be kept fresh without being discoloured and will also remain ‘delicious’ after being pre-cooled by CIMC pre-cold storage, and this has been highly praised by the mobile cold storage enterprise users and consumers.

In the future, CIMC Cold Chain’s mobile cold storage products and services will provide strong support for the cold chain logistics backbone construction project of “using an investment of 17 billion yuan to build 1.6 million tons of cold storage” being promoted by Guangdong Supply & Marketing Group, and meet the needs of rapid distribution of cold storage for agricultural products in remote areas of Guangdong Province. This will meet the demand for agricultural products pre-cooling of the first kilometre of the cold chain. It is known that the two parties will launch as soon as possible with cooperation of the first batch of more than 300 sets of pre-coolers.

According to the content of the agreement signed on the spot, the two sides will also actively explore in fields such as refrigerated vehicles, recycling packaging vehicles, storage automation equipment, logistics services and financial services, promote business cooperation, and strive to make fruitful contributions to the economic and social development of Guangdong.

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