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A new video series, JOST Truck Stop, provides a variety of insights and user tips on the equipment specialist’s products.

From May 2021, JOST World – the manufacturer and supplier of safety-relevant systems for the commercial vehicle industry – will publish a new clip on the JOST World social media channels on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook every 14 days on Wednesdays.

Practical tips, helpful information and further insights into the JOST World are now available in the new JOST Truck Stop series.

Facts and application tips for the JOST products are shown in short video clips. The first episode is about the central lubrication system LubeTronic 5Point and JOST’s biodegradable high-performance lubricant.

The question of how the LubeTronic 5Point distributes the lubricant equally and sustainably is answered in the clip.

The new series will take place in various practical settings near JOST’s headquarters in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, in order to provide an authentic insight into the daily work with JOST products.

JOST reaches users in the commercial vehicle industry directly with useful information about its various products and provides a further digital added value service complementing existing information channels.

Interested parties are encouraged to engage with the program by asking questions via the comment sections of each social media platform.

JOST World Head of Marketing Communications, Holger Koch, is very pleased about the launch of the new program.

“With JOST Truck Stop, we are now presenting our innovative and reliable products even more closely,” he said.

“This is extremely exciting for different target groups because JOST’s strong brands cover a diverse product portfolio.

“We are happy to be able to provide comprehensive digital information and to remain loyal to our service concept ‘around the world – around the clock’ because all the interested parties can view the videos at any time.”

Fast Fact
JOST developed a completely biodegradable high-performance lubricant for its fifth wheel couplings.
“Under normal operating conditions, a fifth wheel coupling requires about 10 kilograms of lubricating grease per year,” JOST said in a statement. “With a vehicle fleet of around 600,000 vehicles in Europe, this makes around 6,000 tonnes per year. This high amount of grease requires an eco-friendly solution like the biodegradable organic grease.”
With the development of minimal lubrication with LubeTronic, JOST already succeeded in reducing the amount of grease needed to about 1.6 kilograms per year. JOST is now taking the next step by introducing a grease that is biodegradable in accordance with the OECD 301 B biodegradation test.

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