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Excellent quality and service are top priorities for Cargo Floor, the Netherlands-based manufacturer of the CargoMatic system for trucks and trailers. The safety and productivity gains of using this technology is boosting operational efficiencies of the transport industry worldwide.

For 20 years, Paul van der Does has been a member of the Cargo Floor team. In his current role as Senior Sales Manager he is responsible for the sales of the CargoMatic system, a mobile floor system for trucks and trailers. It appears to be very efficient for dock-to-trailer work with fully automatic loading and unloading in about 90 seconds. The manufacturer claims a standard trailer transporting 33 pallets can be unloaded in under three minutes.

Optimising the logistics process, according to van der Does, is more important than ever.

“The CargoMatic system is the solution for this,” he said. “The CargoMatic is one of the fastest logistical volume transport systems that exists. The transport speed of the CargoMatic is, depending on the cargo to be transported, variably adjustable from zero to maximum and moves about nine metres per minute. However, the optimum appears to be about six metres per minute.”

A standard trailer (13,600mm) transporting 33 pallets will be unloaded in 2.5 minutes. This compared to conventional loading and unloading will save the operator at least 30 minutes. Because of this, the CargoMatic system is especially suitable for short-distance and shuttle transport from A to B.

Patented chain protection caps, protects the chain against dirt, nails, wood etc.

Cargo Floor manufactures its products in a factory based in Coevorden, the Netherlands, and exports CargoMatic worldwide including Scandinavia, Australia and every country in between.

“The main export market for the CargoMatic system is Western Europe, with Germany leading the list, followed by Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Sweden as well as the Middle East and the US,” said van der Does. “Wherever there is an automotive industry, food and beverage and chemical industry, there are potential markets for the CargoMatic system.”

In reinforced execution able to drive over with a electro hand pallet truck.

Cargo Floor undertakes rigorous quality assurance and product testing in-house. It is an ISO 9001 quality certified company, a requirement for customers in the automotive and chemical sectors.

“Every CargoMatic system is produced according to high quality requirements and standards, using the highest quality materials and components,” said van der Does. “Cargo Floor has developed a unique test wizard for the CargoMatic system. This test wizard is included in the software and helps the installer to commission and test the CargoMatic system step by step, guiding them through the different steps of the process and this is graphically supported on the colour display. The wizard ensures that all sensors and signal transmitters are properly connected and the CargoMatic system works completely reliably and safely wherever it is installed in the world.”

CargoMatic also has some important features that emphasise productivity and safety.

“The CargoMatic system is the safest automatic loading and unloading system available on the market,” said van der Does. “By using a safety PLC and the associated safety sensors, a very high safety level is achieved for this application – something that is achieved in certain market segments including the chemical industry which is an absolute must.”

In addition to the high quality safety components that are used as standard, the CargoMatic system for trucks and trailers can be fitted with slats comprising a unique patented anti-slip rubber cord, which in combination with a reinforced bulkhead, ensures increased friction between the floor and the load.

“This gives you the option of obtaining a certificate for securing loads in accordance with DIN EN 12642 (Code XL),” said van der Does. “This is particularly important when transporting light, slippery and fragile cargo such as plastic pallets, IBCs, steel crates and boxes.”

Trailer equipped with high-end electrical controls.

The good news is a trailer builder or body builder can assist with new and retrofit CargoMatic installations.

“The CargoMatic system can be installed in both new and existing trailers,” said van der Does. “The system is mounted on the existing floor of the trailer and therefore does not require any major modifications to the vehicle. A body builder can easily and quickly build the CargoMatic system in their vehicles; Cargo Floor has assembled the CargoMatic system in such a way that it is easy to transport the kit so that it can be installed locally. There are event fleet owners with a workshop who install their own trailer systems.”

There is also scope for customisation to accommodate specific freight tasks or types of materials to be transported.

“One of the great advantages of the CargoMatic slat system is that it can transport all kinds of solid goods,” said van der Does. “These can be the most diverse pallet types from a standard euro to a dusseldorfer or goods without a load carrier (paper, cardboard, furniture). Steel crates for the automotive industry and IBCs can all be easily transported without special CargoMatic system options. Also, the CargoMatic can easily be expanded with a number of options that are customer-specific, such as communication with transport systems (AGV / Rollertracks), contour control gantries, automatic oil lubrication and remote service module (to monitor the status of the system).”

Static CargoMatic system standard equipped with safety PLC and sensors.

Another important aspect of the CargoMatic system is the chain driven slat floor and the drive unit.

“The CargoMatic chain floor is very suitable if only one type of load carrier is transported,” said van der Does. “The hard-to-hard distance of the chains is chosen in such a way that the pallets are always optimally supported. This system is less flexible in terms of a load carrier but has the advantage of being lighter and simpler to mount. The CargoMatic chain system has also proven itself in the automotive industry where an extra strong HD chain has been developed specifically for the supply of electric car batteries in extremely heavy steel crates, four tonnes per pallet.”

Cargo Floor backs its products with a solid aftersales and support network.

“In addition to our own after sales service and a very clear website with exploded views and instructions, Cargo Floor has a worldwide service network,” said van der Does. “If there is an installation and there is no service point available within a desired radius, we will find and educate one in consultation with the customer. It also happens that the workshop or technical service of the customer is trained to be able to carry out the service itself.”

Fast Fact
Cargo Floor uses high quality materials and components in its CargoMatic builds. The system also features maintenance-free bearings, reducing grease nipples to a minimum, and offers a fully automatic chain lubrication system that lubricates the chains during loading / unloading. Extra strong HD chains fitted as standard result in minimal maintenance required and contributes to a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Fast Fact
The CargoMatic is equipped with safety sensors as standard which monitor the status of safety devices. Upon detection of an unsafe situation, the safety relay will provide a signal that will cut power to the potentially dangerous machine / machine movement or safely interrupt the safety circuit. The use of these components prevents an unsafe situation from occurring in the event of a sensor failure. This helps to protect people and prevent product damage.

Anti-slip rubber cord, for optimal load security.
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