Trans Ogueta renews partnership with Lecitrailer

Spanish trucking company, Trans Ogueta, has invested in 50 new Lecitrailer semi-trailers to modernise its fleet.

The new trailers feature mega lightened chassis with multipoint canvas bodywork and are expected to provide more durability with less maintenance.

Trans Ogueta has entrusted the manufacture of its semi-trailers to Lecitrailer for 31 years.

In addition to the tarpaulin semi-trailers, the transport company is incorporating Evolution refrigerated semi-trailers in several different versions.

Headquartered in Álava, Trans Ogueta has modern and renovated facilities, with a 35,000-square-metre storage warehouse in which a part is equipped with a cold room. It also has a large parking lot, refueling service, wash and repair capabilities for its vehicles.

In other news, Sertrans achieved a 1,400-unit milestone with Lecitrailer.

In March, ABC Logistic expanded its fleet with 20 Lecitrailer trailers.

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