Van Eck’s Eckspress trailer enables safe pharmaceutical delivery

Netherlands-based OEM, Van Eck, offers high quality and reliable air cargo vehicles including the Eckspress Series for temperature and time sensitive vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

Manufacturing its first air cargo vehicles in 1983, Van Eck has extensive engineering experience to offer various superstructure with multiple main deck aircargo pallet loading options. Today, Van Eck air cargo semi-trailers are produced with the latest technology and highest precision to enable safe, reliable and fast air cargo transportation.

The Eckpress series  stands out for its superior floor construction which is suitable for forklift operations, full chassis construction with steel king-pin plate, innovative and state of the art Van Eck Roller Conveyor System with stainless steel rollers and automated driving system, high quality wet-in-wet panels with high insulation value and thermal sensors embodied in the body to avoid any risk of damage.

Van Eck FNA and FRC air cargo vehicles are also certified according to EU Commission Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice (GDP) of medicinal products for human use which are based on Article 84 and Article 85b(3) of Directive 2001/83/EC which lay down the provisions for distribution of medicines in the EU with certificates approved by Pharma/GDP authorities.

As quality, as well as the speed is the key in Covid-19 vaccine distribution, Van Eck helps its customers to fulfill the requirements of CEIV Pharma Standards (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics) as well.

The Van Eck air cargo vehicles are designed to meet and overcome the demanding, heavy air argo pallet loading and unloading operations.

The superior heavy duty floor construction provides the solid base for the whole upper structure, which enables you to carry forklift operations within the vehicle, even in the king-pin section.

Last but not least, as in the automotive industry, the complex body-to chassis marriage process is studied meticulously with computer-aided simulations and road tests to ensure your vehicle always performs its best.

Van Eck is reported to be the only trailer manufacturer to design and produce its own roller beds with reliability and lifespan in mind and is in full compliance with Lufthansa Technical Specifications.

The modular Van Eck roller beds are designed in-house with full aluminium frame for even load distribution and operational ease. The aluminium frame is 300 mm wide and each component has been separated with aluminium separators.

These aluminium separators increase the compression strength which increases the conveyor systems’ load bearing capacity. The aluminium separators also prevent any dirt to enter the air canal.

Besides the aluminium frame, the roller bed system consists of four rows of pneumatic roller conveyors with twin airbags and twin rollers – each roller 40mm wide and with 50 mm diameter across the floor for smooth loading and unloading operations of heavy air-cargo pallets.

Each roller has two bearings instead of one to minimise friction for smoother loading and unloading operations. The wheels are larger than standard making it easier for air cargo pallets to more easily slide during loading and unloading operations.

Furthermore, the rollers are also offered with galvanised or stainless steel options. The stainless steel rollers offer optimum hygiene in insulated air cargo vehicles as there is no room for oxidation and they are perfect for disinfection during pharma transportation.

Van Eck also offers an automated driving system to maximise operational health and safety.

In other news, Van Eck delivered two Eckstreme series Twindeck trailers to GP Elite.

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