Montracon builds custom curtainsiders for Drapers Haulage

UK-based operator, Drapers Haulage, has taken delivery of Montracon curtainsiders built to specification.

The trailers reportedly rated for EN 12642 XL and feature reverse parking alarms and other safety extras.

“Standing at 4.4m the trailers are sat on quality BPW axles, JOST landing legs, premium Goodyear tyres and full LED lighting systems,” Montracon said in a statement.

Richard Draper, Director of Drapers Haulage, said Montracon were very responsive to his initial enquiry.

“Usually, we buy used trailer but after our first contact with Lloyd Walsh our area sales manager, we knew Montracon could build exactly what we wanted and have all the latest safety specs for working in London, as well as keeping us future proof as the industry moves forward to improve its safety,” he said.

“Overall, the experience with Montracon has been top-notch. Thank you to everyone involved in building our new quality built trailers.”

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