Aberg – Taking care of business

The Wielton Group, a leading European manufacturer of trailers, semi-trailers and car bodies, is introducing a new aftersales service strategy in all companies and markets under one, common brand, Aberg. This development is expected to boost product user satisfaction as well as gain an additional income source for spare parts offered under a single brand.

In line with the newly adopted strategy of aftersales services consolidation, customer service in the Wielton Group is based on three pillars.

Firstly, through the creation of the umbrella brand Aberg, all companies in the Wielton Group’s portfolio, Fruehauf, Wielton, Lawrence David, Langendorf and Viberti, received support in terms of service and spare parts sales.

The second pillar of the strategy is to establish seven international service centres responsible for serving the different regions of the Wielton Group. Each centre will be fully responsible for providing service assistance, spare part supply and technical advice to customers owning a vehicle of any Group brand. As part of the third pillar of the strategy, the necessary IT tools will be implemented and a global web platform will be created, accessible to service partners for the efficient flow of product information regarding warranty, repair history and spare parts availability.

“The implementation of an aftersales service strategy under a common brand is a breakthrough decision for the entire Wielton Group,” said Mariusz Golec, I Vice President and CEO of the Wielton Group.

“Aberg combines the Group’s brands and unifies the aftersales service process, responding to market trends and customer needs in the broad service area.
“This synergy will allow us to build market advantage and increase customer satisfaction, while gaining additional business benefits. Activities involving the entire Group, such as the implementation of a common aftersales strategy, will definitely be an important direction for our development in the coming years.”

The role of aftersales service, according to Wielton Group, is crucial from the customers’ perspective. Such clear conclusions can be drawn from a customer satisfaction survey conducted by Wielton in cooperation with GFK. According to the results, customers value above all efficient repairs that reduce downtime to a minimum, as well as constant contact with the service team. With this knowledge, Wielton Group has adopted a development plan in this area. The aim of introducing the new aftersales service strategy is to ensure a high level, consistent standard and excellent quality for each brand and all Group markets in this area.

The introduction of the Aberg brand ensures a uniform level of all service points within the Wielton Group. In the near future, spare parts and components for products within the Group will also be available under the Aberg brand. The aftersales service strategy is focused on increasing customer satisfaction through comprehensive customer service. Aberg will provide customers with an accessible, competitively priced and professional aftersales service across the Wielton Group, based on local operations and a global online platform.

“A comprehensive and professional service is a very important aspect of working with customers, especially after purchase,” said Sergiusz Mitek, Business Development Director of the Wielton Group.

“Being open to our customers’ expectations allows us to effectively develop our aftersales service in order to achieve their full satisfaction at every stage of using our trailers and contact with our brand. To this end, we have introduced new service strategy at the Wielton Group, we have established the Aberg brand and develop a network of professional service centres that have the necessary knowledge, experience and technical facilities.

“We also plan to launch a global online platform for our service partners. Aberg is a modern and global approach to after-sales service that unites all brands in the Wielton Group and provides the highest quality of service in a premium standard for increasingly demanding customers.”

The offer of the Aberg brand will include signature spare parts and service through a network of partner garages. Its introduction will greatly simplify logistics processes related to spare parts distribution, thus increasing their availability and reducing operating costs. The Wielton Group will not build new service centres, but will rely on proven, specialised service centres that provide customers with the highest quality standards.

The partner network will initially operate under the Aberg umbrella brand, simultaneously with the Group’s local brands, to eventually operate in the field of service and sales of components under the Aberg logo.

Establishing the brand and offering spare parts under its own logo will enable the Wielton Group to gain an additional source of income. As part of the launch of the Aberg brand, seven service centres will also be established in Europe to support all Group companies. Each centre will be fully responsible for providing service assistance, spare parts and technical advice to customers owning a vehicle of any Wielton Group brand in its area. The implementation of the new aftersales strategy and the Aberg brand will start as early as the beginning of 2021 and the process is planned to be completed in 2025. During this time, the necessary IT tools will also be implemented and an online platform will be created.

The establishment of the Aberg brand is another example of the synergies in the Wielton Group, which, while offering products of well-known local brands in individual countries, is at the same time focused on international development and leveraging their common potential for this purpose.

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