Wabash National on customer-centric strategy

US-based dry van trailer manufacturer turned transport and logistics solutions provider, Wabash National, is preparing for strategic growth.

Brent Yeagy, Wabash National CEO, reflected on 2020 and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in a letter to shareholders published last month.

“The year 2020 will be remembered as an unprecedented period as the business world navigated through a global health crisis, softening markets, supply chain disruptions and global economic uncertainty,” he said.

As a business, Wabash National remained focused on it goals and will action its first to final mile strategy as part of its purpose – ‘Changing how the world reaches you’.

It will also re-organise its structure to be ‘One Wabash’ by prioritising ease of doing business with customers, creating a growing portfolio of innovative engineered solutions that span from first to final mile and design a culture that continually seeks to improve process via the Wabash Management System to create value for customers, employees and stockholders.

“Our new organisational structure based on value streams and customer centricity is yielding early and significant wins of reducing friction for customers and is allowing us to think in new and interesting ways,” said Yeagy.

“Our purpose, vision and mission provide common direction throughout our organisation, and the growth of a values-based culture that is also shaped by our Wabash Management System helps us act with renewed strategic purpose.”

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