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Schmitz Cargobull’s S.KO COOL box body semi-trailer features excellent stability and strength combined with low unladen weight and high payload volume. The manufacturer also celebrates more than 40 years of FERROPLAST ThermoTechnology.

The S.KO COOL refrigerated box body semi-trailer has long been Europe’s top-selling refrigerated trailer according to Schmitz Cargobull.

With the current refrigerated box body generation, the OEM has further optimised the total cost of ownership and value retention. The effectiveness of the renowned FERROPLAST® panels has been improved with a K-value of 0.33 W/m2K. This serves to reduce energy consumption by up to 15 per cent. In addition, the body is better protected against damage. A lead of many years in development and manufacturing ensures that the German trailer specialist, provider of the refrigerated box body semi-trailer S.KO COOL with the FERROPLAST® body, will remain the European market leaders.

FERROPLAST® is an in-house development from Schmitz Cargobull, which is being constantly improved by continuous development and optimisation of the production processes. New production facilities ensure continuous product improvements in the vapour-tight panels with their two metal covering layers and intermediate, high-density foam core. As such, Schmitz Cargobull has the in-house expertise together with a direct influence on both the quality and the design. As such, a number of developments and improvements could be put into effect by working together with customers, for example, the sturdy integration of load securing rails or double-decker equipment flush with the surface into the panels.

The coated and galvanised covering layers minimise impact damage or the effects of bumps from forklifts. The covering layer does not split but rather only buckles locally, preventing water ingress, which would damage the insulation. If the damage actually requires repair, Schmitz Cargobull has developed simple repair concepts that ensure invisible damage repair and preservation of the original quality.

Schmitz Cargobull has overhauled the latest model generation of the S.KO COOL in numerous aspects. One of the innovations is a partition wall, which is easier to use for the driver and which, if it is not being used, can be folded up to the roof to save space. The central locking is not only easy to use for the driver; the sealing system ensures vapour-tight cargo-space partitioning into different temperature zones. In addition, the partition ensures automatic pressure balancing.

To increase transport efficiency, the S.KO COOL has a height-adjustable double-decker loading option, which means the number of Euro-pallet spaces is doubled from 33 to 66. As an option, Schmitz Cargobull offers meat transport equipment, integrated in the robust, load bearing roof design.

The new door sealing system with a low air leakage rate minimises the cooling capacity required. As the cooling unit running time is consequently reduced, operating costs are likewise reduced. The improved, rivet-free bonded rear frame-side wall connection not only looks good but also impresses with its improved hygiene properties.
Schmitz Cargobull has decided on plastic for the cooling unit diesel tank. This increases payload and prevents corrosion. The tank is bio-diesel resistant, has its own fuel filter and is also equipped with fuel-theft prevention.

In addition, it also fulfils the legal requirements regarding resistance to stone impacts. With high product quality and quick, Europe-wide spare part supply and sophisticated repair methods, Schmitz Cargobull ensures that both customers and users of the S.KO COOL benefit from low life cycle costs. As an extension to the standard variants of the S.KO COOL, the freezer specialist can also be ordered as a MEGA or a rail-transport variant.

A standard component of the S.KO box body semi-trailer is the ROTOS Drive Technology running gear. In this case, too, Schmitz Cargobull was the first manufacturer to begin developing its own, premium running gear. The ROTOS running gear offers innovative braking technology and RSP (Roll-Stability-Program) as standard. The possibility of preventing accidents thanks to the RSP further reduces life cycle costs. The S.KO COOL holds a load securing certificate (as per DIN EN 12642) from TÜV Nord. Likewise, the S.KO COOL meets the requirements of the comprehensive HACCP certificate (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) as well as the ATP classification and Cemafroid.

A Europe-wide Service Partner network and a 24h spare part service ensure the customer receives a fast damage repair service. The optional trailer telematics from Cargobull Telematics open up the option of controlling and checking load temperature, trailer and trailer technology independently from the tractor unit and of providing required data via Internet transfer to the end customer as well.

In addition, Schmitz Cargobull offers the following equipment for the International market:

New Schmitz Cargobull S.CU transport cooling unit
Schmitz Cargobull’s own cooling unit, the S.CU, is equipped with the latest Common Rail diesel motor. The new cooling unit generation offers the same high cooling performance and precise temperature management but reduces fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent. The weight has also been reduced by 50kg. The S.CU cooling unit fulfils the Stage V emission standard, benefiting the environment. Through the optimum interface design of cooling unit and improved air circulation, operators can achieve even more consistent temperature distribution in the cargo area. Thanks to the new display design, the large digits make it easy to read and improve its user-friendliness. As an alternative to the display, all functions of the S.CU and telematics system can be controlled via a smartphone.

Schmitz Cargobull air distribution system
Schmitz Cargobull’s engineers have further developed the air distribution system for more efficiency, consistency and robustness. The primary goal of these enhancements was to prevent ‘heat nests’ and to simplify handling to improve efficiency in everyday transport. Hoods made of flexible and collision-resistant material secure the connection between the cooling unit and the air duct. Their flexible design also provides protection against collision damage. The air flow and the air circulation in the trailer are optimised by the targeted guiding of primary and secondary flows in the air ducts. The air ducts have an enlarged cross-section and the optimum arrangement of the ducts directs the air to the rear of the body and then back to the front. This uniform air circulation throughout the entire structure ensures that the goods always maintain a reliable temperature. Return air barriers above and on the sides of the circulation wall prevent hot and cold air from mixing. This helps ensure optimised air circulation.

Schmitz Cargobull door locking system
The new door locking system automatically controls the door locking functions via the TrailerConnect® web portal. This ensures that the load is guaranteed to remain intact and unauthorised access is prevented. Ultimately, security is a top priority in the transport and logistics industry. Transport companies and customers demand that their goods remain safe from manipulation during transport. The intelligent door locking system is based on a rear door locking device that is invisible from the outside. When it is locked, a sword-shaped pin moves out of the roof beam and reliably prevents unauthorised opening and access to the cargo area.

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