Van Eck presented sustainable trailers at Transport Logistic 2021

Netherlands-based trailer builder, Van Eck, hosted an online session as part of the Transport Logistic 2021 event to showcase its energy-efficient product range.

The session, which attracted participants from 25 countries, was titled ‘Discover Van Eck Product Range to meet your CO2 emission targets’.

Van Eck Head of R&D, Ton Bertens, in conversation with Jörg Montag, presented Van Eck’s product range – including LHV and Twindeck vehicles that enable transport and logistics companies to meet their CO2 targets – and the company’s contribution to the Aeroflex Project.

“Our vehicles are built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail and are environmentally-friendly and efficient to support you while achieving your CO2 targets,” said Bertens.

“These technologies are available right now and especially with Twindeck particular transport companies have been using them successfully for years. With our new TCO and CO2 savings calculator we would like to demonstrate to the general public how Twindeck saves on costs as well as carbon emissions.

“Van Eck Twindeck vehicles are setting standards in the industry by allowing two decks with 1.830mm loading height each thus achieving a 60 per cent higher loading capacity. The very first USP is 1.830mm in order to better explain 60 per cent loading capacity, which reduces lateral air resistance and thus contributes to lower fuel consumption. This factor in combination with the 60 per cent higher loading capacity, flows into the balance of the 40 per cent lower CO2 emissions.

“On the other hand, in longer and heavier vehicle segment we focus on maximising the load factor while providing smart loading and unloading systems to eliminate operational lags and inefficiencies.

As the specialist for transport solutions with low TCO, we will continue to do our part to meet the sector’s CO2 targets.”

With the newly established TCO and CO2 calculator available on Van Eck’s website, it is possible to calculate the total vehicle costs and the reduction of CO2 emissions of Van Eck Eckstreme Twindecks.

Van Eck also launched its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and CO2 saving calculation tool during the presentation, developed with the globally active management consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners.

The Van Eck TCO and CO2 saving calculator takes several parameters such as purchase price of the trailer, interest rate, term in years, fuel price, driver wages (per 100,000 km) and the number of Van Eck twindecks into account when comparing a conventional box trailer and a Van Eck twindeck trailer.

The calculator uses this framework data to calculate the savings against the additional costs. As a result, the higher acquisition costs and the higher maintenance costs of the Eckstreme twindeck are offset by numerous savings potentials including a third fewer tractor units (two instead of three) to buy and maintain, a third fewer drivers (two instead of three), around a third less fuel consumption, lower toll costs, lower insurance costs, lower tire costs and less depreciation.

The concept can demonstrate its strengths above all in full load transport and shuttle transport, and when delivering to supermarkets, the number of stations per tour can be increased significantly. If the framework conditions are right, the investment in a Eckstreme twindeck trailer can pay for itself in just one year. According to calculations by Simon-Kucher & Partners, the twindeck trailer pays for itself in one year and also saves 55,935kg of CO2. While total savings continue to rise exponentially, one twindeck alone over five years with an annual average mileage of 150,000km with the savings goes up to €344,274 with 229,675kg of CO2.

When it comes to maximum loading volume for a 13.6m trailer, the double-deck trailer cannot be beaten according to the OEM. Thanks to the independent wheel suspension, the special design enables an extremely low floor, a correspondingly high loading space, a second loading floor and additional space between the wheels.

“By improving the loading efficiency and other innovations, the load factor of a trailer can be increased by up to 60 per cent on two levels than a standard trailer with space for 33 pallets, resulting in a linear reduction in carbon dioxide emissions,” said Bertens.

“Our twindeck trailer is a good example of our approach: it can hold up to 54 euro pallets, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.”

In other news, Duis Transport specified a Van Eck box trailer.

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