Krone revamps Mega Liner

Continuous development of the Krone Mega Liner has resulted in maximum payload, easy height adjustment, convenient handling, extreme versatility and longer service life.

The tare weight is less than 6,500 kg, in the Ultra-Light version even less than 5,900kg.

Thanks to the new roof design, the hydraulic lifting roof can be opened and closed up to 500mm without any major effort.

With the Safe Curtain load-securing tarpaulin for particularly fast and safe loading and unloading during high-frequency volume transportation.

Due to its sophisticated modular system, the Mega Liner can be made fit for numerous individual requirements – from piggyback capability to hydraulic rear widening.

The combination of the KTL plus powder-treated chassis and the pre-galvanised components ensures particularly high corrosion protection.

The Mega Liner now includes a modular ramming buffer or rollers that can be exchanged or extended in all conceivable combinations without having to drill a single hole.
“A special highlight of the new Mega Liner is the innovative hydraulic rear widening for extra-wide loads,” the OEM said in a statement.

“To do this, the roof, side curtains and rear doors are first opened, and the latter is secured with the locking chain.

“Then the driver uses the hydraulic control unit to pump the specially designed rear end apart – by up to 500mm on each side. The through-loading width in the clear thus increases to approx. 3,480mm. This means that extra-wide loads can be loaded and unloaded quickly, easily and safely.”

In other news, JMD Haulage added three Krone Box Liners to its fleet.

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