Publisher declares Schmitz Cargobull a dream employer

F.A.Z. Institute has named Schmitz Cargobull ‘Dream Employer – Innovative. Digital. Sustainable’ in its vehicle manufacturer category.

In the study ‘Traum-Arbeitgeber – Innovativ. Digital. Nachhaltig’ (Dream Employer – Innovative. Digital. Sustainable), the F.A.Z. Institute examined and evaluated the reputation of 20,000 companies in the areas of innovation, digitalisation, sustainability, career, corporate culture and salary.

As Schmitz Cargobull meets all the requirements the business was awarded the title ‘Dream Employer’.

“This award proves that Schmitz Cargobull is perceived as an innovative, digital and sustainable company,” said Schmitz Cargobull CEO, Andreas Schmitz.

“We offer our employees the opportunity to help shape our future in a family-run company.

“We support even the youngest employees through our training programs and dual courses of study.

“In addition to our core manufacturing business, we are massively expanding our Digital Services division and offering numerous positions for new employees with experience and interest in digital jobs.

“Our customers can rely on us to be a reliable and innovative partner, constantly developing both proven and new technologies to help them fulfil their transport tasks efficiently and conveniently. We are very pleased to receive this award.”

Earlier this year, the OEM was recognised for its digitalisation achievements.

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