Furniture distributor specifies custom Talson trailers

Netherlands-based family business, Gering Meubeltransport, has expanded its fleet with single-axle furniture step deck trailers manufactured by Talson.

Talson offers two models to its customers, the multifunctional box TGG TAL and TGM TAL vehicles which are suitable for the transportation of garments, boxes, valuables, fragile goods and musical instruments.

Talson developed customised single-axle furniture step deck trailer with an internal height of 3,055mm as a result of its extensive experience in this segment special for Gering Meubeltransport. The design also allows for the creation of a second or third loading floor.

Gering Meubeltransport in Landgraaf has taken delivery of three Talson large-volume trailers and has ordered an additional three units.

These trailers are equipped with a gooseneck construction that gives them a normal coupling height (1,200mm) and a loading height of the previously mentioned 3,055mm over most of the length. In the front part of the trailer the loading height is 2,655mm.

The special feature of Talson trailers, according to the OEM, is the absence of a chassis. The trailers are self-supporting, just like a passenger car, for example.

“We transport cabinets and benches, among other things,” said Gering Director, Guido Keybek.

“The additional ten centimetres of loading height (compared to a trailer with a chassis) serve us well. We can hook in crossbars in the sidewalls. This creates additional loading floors for goods that cannot be stacked.”

Keybek specified no loading floor for the front of the trailer because their equipment must be able to be coupled to standard tractors. The low rear is reported to allow manual unloading at street level to be easy. Also, with the air suspension in the highest position, the trailers can be parked at a loading dock.

His first impression of the new trailers: “Stable, solid, durable.”

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