Intelligent design

BPW’s ECO Disc brake system – the equipment specialist’s latest innovation in braking technology – is lighter, more durable and easier to service.

The new trailer disc braking system from BPW offers several unique advantages.

BPW is the only axle manufacturer who develops and produces its own brakes and is therefore familiar with the demands placed on running gear and brakes in tough trailer use all over the world. With BPW, the transport operator has a free choice: because in addition to the proven ECO Drum brake, BPW has also developed the ECO Disc.

Now the next generation is in the starting blocks. The new ECO Disc is intended to build on the successful concept of the former generation.

Thanks to its intelligent design, BPW’s new ECO Disc brake sets new standards. It is even lighter, more robust, and easier to service.

More robust
The inner brake pad (active lining) and the outer brake pad (passive lining) are now different. The inner pad has a thicker steel backing and must always be fitted in the inner position.

Meanwhile, the calipers feature an Offset Tappet Design (OTD) which the company said achieves an ideal balance of the forces and moments acting on the brake pads. In conjunction with the aforementioned reinforced (thicker) steel backing of the inner pad, this configuration ensures braking pressure is applied evenly between the pad and disc to ensure uniform pad wear and consequently longer pad life.

Due to the OTD, the calipers are now directional, with an arrow cast into the caliper showing the direction that the disc must turn when the vehicle is moving forwards.

Another improvement is the Multi Functional Adjuster (MFA) which, according to BPW, systematically integrates the key functions in just a few innovative components.

The company said this not only reduces the number of interfaces, but also significantly improves the brake’s reliability and performance.

Due to these improvements, BPW stressed that it is not permissible to fit a mixture of the former generation of ECO Disc and the new ECO Disc on a single trailer as the new trailer disc brake caliper has a different SARN number to the older style. For the same reason, it is not permissible to fit new ECO Disc brake system calipers to former ECO Disc brake axle beams.

Other features of the braking system include a long service life thanks to the latest single-tappet technology and cataphoretic dip-coating with zinc phosphating.

If the vehicle is frequently ‘dirty’ in the off-road use, BPW can also supply disc covers and shaft covers on request, which protect the friction pairing against the ingress of dirt and thus increased wear.

Easier to service
The ECO Disc is extremely easy to service according to BPW thanks to the Compact Design and ECO principle. As the brake disc can be changed without disassembling the caliper, operators can save up to three hours of maintenance time on a three-axle trailer when compared to conventional solutions from competitors.
Easier brake setting is another claimed advantage, requiring only a 13mm spanner to turn the rear mounted adjustment screw back a quarter turn (90°) followed by 10 brake applications.

The Compact Design and the intelligent reduction in components makes the ECO Disc one of the lightest brakes on the market – in the case of a three-axle truck, a whole twelve kilograms of usable load is gained.

“The product is perfectly thought out, very high quality and durable,” said Thorsten Grahl, Product Manager at BPW.

“BPW’s know-how and experience speak from this brake. We are the only axle manufacturer to produce our own disc brake, so we know the entire system and are a competent contact for our customers who can help directly and quickly.

“Whether ECO Disc or ECO Drum brake systems – BPW offers both technologies in-house but the choice of the right brake system depends on the vehicle type and application. The proportion of disc in Europe is now 70-80 per cent. With the new, even more robust generation of our trailer disc brake, we will continue to accelerate this trend.”

Fast Fact
The ECO Disc from BPW works with a modern single-tappet technology and the specially developed, unique BPW Offset Tappet Design (OTD). Thanks to a special configuration of the brake actuating unit with an offset tappet, an ideal balance of the forces and moments acting on the brake pad is achieved. The reinforced pad back plate also ensures even distribution of pressure between the pad and the disc. This ensures that the pads wear uniformly and so have a longer service life.

Fast Fact
Almost three million brakes have been produced in Hunsheim near the BPW headquarters in Wiehl. It is one of the most widely sold trailer disc brakes in the European market. With this reworking the new models ECO Disc 3709 and ECO Disc 4309 replace their predecessors: axles will be gradually converted to the new generation of trailer disc brakes from the middle of 2019.

Compared to conventional systems, ECO Disc saves up to three hours in the workshop per vehicle due to how user friendly it is.
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