VALX renews leadership

Axle specialist, VALX, part of The FUWA Group, has welcomed a new leader to its organisation.

Harrold Quaaden-Markhorst commenced his role as newly appointed leader of VALX International BV on 1 March 2021.

Quaaden-Markhorsthas is experienced in managing international companies according to VALX.

Harrold Quaaden-Markhorst.

“With a working experience in China, Harrold knows the strengths of FUWA company and will strengthen the cooperation with FUWA to have the benefits for the European market,” VALX said in a statement.

Quaaden-Markhorsthas said there are new developments within VALX that will make a difference to the market.

“Soon we will inform you about these innovations,” he said. “Together with the team of specialist we can make the difference. The coming months I will try to meet you and show you what VALX can offer.”

Also, in the weeks to follow, VALX is moving its offices to the building next door.

The new location is reported to be bigger, will provide a better workspace and will be key to supporting a growing team.

VALX’s postal address – De Amert 700C, 5462 GH, Veghel, The Netherlands – is expected to remain the same.

In March, FUWA cut its carbon emissions with a solar PV installation.

July last year, VALX celebrated its 10th anniversary.

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