SEKO Logistics expands US footprint

Supply chain solution provider, SEKO Logistics, has opened new regional distribution hubs on the US east coast to manage growth in Baltimore and Charlotte.

The new Baltimore operation offers over 160,000 square feet (approx. 14,865 square metres) of warehouse space to support clients in the medical, e-commerce and defence sectors. The move significantly enhances SEKO’s defence and commercial logistics solutions in Baltimore, which include specialist inspection and acceptance, packaging and labelling, reverse logistics, and last mile services. The facility is also ISO 13485 certified for handling and managing logistics for medical devices.

SEKO has also invested in the ten-fold expansion of its facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, led by Managing Director and SEKO Strategic Partner, Jim Duffy.

To satisfy demand from finance, furniture, apparel, automotive and industrial clients, SEKO’s new warehouse operation is reported to be fully C-TPAT compliant. With 24 dock doors, the facility combines the technology, equipment and security systems needed to scale any client’s project requirements.

SEKO’s growth in Baltimore and Charlotte will also increase the business’ focus on white glove and cross dock for value-added freight forwarding services in both locations.

“Our need for warehouse space is growing rapidly in the United States and our new facilities in Baltimore and Charlotte are the first of many we will be opening over the next 12 months to stay one step ahead of our clients’ growth,” said SEKO Logistics Chief Growth Officer, Brian Bourke.

“This latest expansion follows the opening of larger SEKO Ecommerce and Omni-Channel hubs in other prime locations such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey and Atlanta.

“These investments demonstrate how fast we are growing outside of our main gateways in the US and emphasise the importance of Baltimore and Charlotte as strategic distribution hubs.

“Baltimore is a market where we are seeing particularly strong growth from e-commerce clients who recognise the Port of Baltimore as a low cost alternative that enables them to achieve next day distribution to their customers in New York. Charlotte is also a key investment area for SEKO because it is one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States, and we are seeing a significant increase in demand in this market. SEKO’s ongoing growth positions us to make these investments and to support opportunities from clients who see us as a competitive differentiator in their supply chains.”

Robert Shearer, Managing Director of SEKO’s Strategic Partner in Baltimore, added: “Our infrastructure investments in the Baltimore/Washington operations are reflective of the strategic advantage of the Mid-Atlantic region for high quality, high-speed distribution capacities within one of the USA’s most dense population centres. Our Mid-Atlantic location means that we can deliver to over 120,000,000 people in 18 States with a one or two-day ground service. There continues to be tremendous demand for Class-A warehouse capacity. For many clients, working with SEKO in a shared-logistics operation is the most efficient and capital-friendly way to get their products to market.”

SEKO Logistics commenced business in 1976 and operated from a single office in Chicago. It has since grown into a global enterprise with additional offices in the UK, Hong Kong and North America.

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