Kässbohrer partners with Lipinski Transport

Semi-trailer manufacturer, Kässbohrer, is supplying Poland’s P.U.H Lipinski Transport with 15 Mega Curtainsiders.

Established in 1987, Lipinski Transport is a dynamically developing company that offers transport and forwarding services for domestic and international markets.

During the delivery ceremony where all necessary precautions against the pandemic were taken, Adam Lipinski, Owner of P.U.H Lipinski Transport, and Jakub Dolaniecki, Kässbohrer Poland Country Manager, shared their thoughts about this partnership.

“As Lipinski, we rely on the quality and robustness of Kässbohrer vehicles,” said Dolaniecki.

“The vehicles we recently added to our fleet are perfect fit for our fleet and are available for multipurpose transportation. Moreover, we are very glad about the support we receive from Kässbohrer’s sales team. I’m sure that our newly-established partnership will continue to grow.“

Kässbohrer Poland Country Manager Jakub Dolaniecki stated: “As Kässbohrer, we are offering vehicles equipped with cutting-edge technology and a wide range of options that fully support our customers’ versatile operations.

“Our Mega Curtainsider K.SCS M is the best choice for intermodal transportation with its robust, KTL coated chassis and is equipped with 4 x 2 ferry rings.

“Our K.SCS M vehicles are equipped with anti-theft curtain and with this feature, our customer Lipinski can securely transport its goods.

“K.SCS M vehicles are also offered with Tyre Transport Certificate. Next to that, we offer six rows – aluminium side rows are offered with two rows of perforated steel side rows for the secure transport of tyre loads.

“In addition to these side rows, eight pieces of loading security spansets with five tonnes, eight pieces of connectors with two tonnes capacity, one unit of load stopper bar between steel rows were also provided.

“Moreover, the vehicle is also equipped with mechanical roof lifting system that offers 500mm lifting for loading and 100mm lifting for driving operations.

“As Kässbohrer, we are determined to continue to meet the needs of our valuable customer Lipinski Transport with our award-winning vehicles and growing after-sales services network.”

Earlier this month, Belgium-based transport company, Move Intermodal, added 125 Kässbohrer coil swap body vehicles to its fleet.

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