JOST launches KKS

Equipment specialist, JOST, has launched a push-button trailer coupling innovation.

JOST KKS is a remote-control trailer hitching solution that automates the coupling and uncoupling process.

This development has potential to halve the time it takes to change a trailer, eliminating all physically demanding activities associated with coupling/uncoupling.

It is also reported to almost halve costs per truck trip depending on the transport order, driving and saddle time.

The core of the product is a high-quality 2″ cast saddle coupling KKS 42 which is tried and tested, reliable and highly functional.

Together with the KKS Connector, according to JOST, it forms the revolutionary sensor coupling system with Sensoric, LubeTronic and pneumatic opening cylinder.

The unique KKS Connector is fitted under the body of the trailer.

“It automatically and absolutely securely establishes all mechanical, electrical and pneumatic connections between the truck and trailer, thus eliminating the need for spiral lines for air, electrics and ABS / EBS,” said JOST. “The entire cable and hose unwinding when cornering takes place in the trailer floor. And the system is automatically reset in the straight ahead direction.”

KKS also eliminates the need for cranks.

“This is ensured by the robust KKS E-Drive module – an electric support winch that is also controlled via the KKS remote control and replaces the time-consuming and physically strenuous cranking,” said JOST. “And by eliminating the crank, the space requirement is reduced enormously.”

More details to follow via an exclusive interview in the May edition of Global Trailer. Subscribe today.

In other news, the award-winning JSK42-ASW fifth wheel with air release and sensor from JOST Australia is suited to a broad range of freight transport tasks, reduces manual strain injury risks for operators and minimises the possibility of a dropped trailer.

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