H.Essers Wilrijk establishes ISO tank terminal

Belgian logistics company, H.Essers, has established an ISO tank terminal adjacent to its warehouses in Wilrijk.

Chemicals, according to H.Essers, are stored in tank containers at the site before being shipped to their final destination or are filled into IBCs and drums.

The Wilrijk mega site is close to the Port of Antwerp and focuses on hazardous goods and special chemicals, providing a ‘one-stop shop’ with transport, customs, forwarding and storage capabilities.

“More and more chemical companies choose to keep their stocks outside the production environment,” said H.Essers Wilrijk Operations Manager, Mikael Hagedoren.

“H.Essers addresses this trend with the ISO Tank Terminal. Instead of storing the products in tank containers at the factory site, they are kept at the terminal in highly secure conditions.

“Once the products are sold, we take care of the further logistical processing.

“The customer can choose either direct delivery of the tank container to the recipient or delivery in IBCs or drums, whereby they are filled in our three state-of-the-art installations on the site itself.”

These semi-automatic filling installations, which are used for acrylates and isocyanates among other products, have a capacity of 135,000 tonnes per year according to H.Essers.

The iso tank terminal has a capacity of 140 tank containers. It is dedicated to chemicals like polyols and isocyanates, raw materials used for the production of insulation materials. The site is sealed-off and divided into several zones. It is equipped with 30,000-litre buffer tanks below the surface to catch any spills. This limits the risk of environmental contamination to almost zero.

The ISO tank terminal is equipped with a heating station, where the ISO tanks can be heated when needed.

There are 10 connection points to heat with steam, hot water or in some cases electricity. This means that tank containers can be brought to the adequate temperature before the final delivery. The – often viscous – chemicals in the tank containers can also be warmed up for filling into IBCs or drums.

“With its ISO tank terminal in Wilrijk, H.Essers unburdens chemical companies with the distribution of their dangerous and non-dangerous products,” said Hagedoren.

“We ensure that they are delivered at the right time, at the right temperature and in the right packaging. And according to the highest standards in terms of safety, quality and environment.”

In other news, BOS+ and H.Essers signed a historic forest protection agreement.

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