Ambrogio orders 150 Kässbohrer trailers

Italian business, Ambrogio Intermodal, has intensified its partnership with Kässbohrer following an investment of an additional 150 light swap bodies.

Over the last three years, Ambrogio has added more than Kässbohrer swap body trailers to its fleet.

Ambrogio Terminal and Purchasing Manager, Awes Botello, and Head of Key Account Management at Kässbohrer, Mehmet Önen, commented on their partnership.

“As Ambrogio, we have a long-standing partnership with Kässbohrer since 1991,” said Botello.

“For our environment-friendly intermodal operations, we already operate with Kässbohrer vehicles.

“We have decided to strengthen our fleet with additional 150 Kässbohrer Light Swap Body K.SWAU CL vehicles that provide maximum payload capacity. To ensure the efficiency of our transportation services, we always look for the latest generation of intermodal equipment, technically advanced and safe.

“We are glad to cooperate with Kässbohrer once again,” he said.

“As Kässbohrer, we are offering the complete intermodal product range that covers the Lightest Swap Body in the market, K.SWAU CL,” said Önen.

“With its lowest tare weight of only 3.900 kg, K.SWAU CL enables CO2 emission and trip reductions.

“The vehicle has a C45 transportation code and 34 euro pallet capacity. K.SWAU CL enables lower cost in operations with its robust design, allowing for stowing and freight opportunity.

“Furthermore, the light swap body is offered with 24 vertical stainless steel reinforcements that are integrated into the curtain which eliminates the need for side rows. Vertical reinforcements enable faster and user-friendly loading and unloading operations, which is appreciated a lot by the field operators.

“With our complete intermodal product range, comprehensive sales and wide after-sales support, we will continue to meet the operational needs of our long-standing partner Ambrogio.”

In other news, Kässbohrer recently launched a new aluminium tipper design.

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