Kässbohrer supports French construction specialist

Semi-trailer manufacturer, Kässbohrer, has established a new partnership with SARL PLVB, a France-based firm that operates in the construction industry.

In 2020, SARL PLVB took delivery of a Kässbohrer four-axle hydraulic low-bed K.SLH 4.

Yvan Perret, Owner of SARL PLVB, and Ömer Kızıltoprak, Administrative Director at Kässbohrer France, shared their thoughts about the partnership and the performance of the Kässbohrer K.SLH 4.

“For our first hydraulic low-bed investment, we have chosen Kässbohrer Hydraulic Low-Bed K.SLH 4,” said Perret.

“We have been using K.SLH 4 for the transportation of stone crushing machines for more than six months and are very satisfied with its exceptional robustness and the vehicle ensures the continuity of our operations.

“Additionally, the vehicle has easy to operate hydraulic functions, strong ramp with a 40-tonne drive on capacity provides robustness during our operations, it also creates less tyre wear, is equipped with high-quality hardwood floor that is not affected by sunlight and rain, has strong lashing rings that ensures operational safety and requires short maintenance time.

“Moreover, we are very happy from the support we receive from the Kässbohrer team. and are sure that our partnership will continue to grow in the coming days.”

Kızıltoprak added: “As Kässbohrer, we are offering Europe’s widest product range to our customers in more than 55 countries.

“With our engineering excellence and ‘Enginuity’, we fulfill the needs of our customers. From our Low-Bed factory that has the highest capacity low-bed production in Europe operating with latest technologies in accordance with Industry 4.0 Principles, we are offering our low bed ranges.

“We are offering extendable and non-extendable low-bed series with both self-steering and hydraulic steering axles. Moreover, our product range includes Low-loaders with hydraulic steering axles for heavy-duty transportation as well as extendable and non-extendable low-bed platform vehicles that can be used with mega and maxima trucks that are the part of complete construction product range.

“Our hydraulic Low-Bed with 4 axles K.SLH 4 has a lower platform height of 875mm that enables flexible and safe transportation for heavy and high loads.

“In order to minimise the defects, the manometers located on the gooseneck, easy-to-access installation and separated junction boxes enable fast and easy diagnosis.

“K.SLH 4’s automated central lubrication system is specially designed to minimise the maintenance cost in long-term usage.

“K.SLH 4 offers multifunctional and flexible transportation capability through lashing rings with 8 to 13,4 ton capacity, 4 x 2 rows of vertical pillar pockets and pillar pockets on side raves.

“For the transportation of wider loads, the vehicle is equipped with easy to use extension brackets and hardwood blocks.

“In order to make sure loading and unloading operations are performed safely, K.SLH 4 is equipped with high capacity hydraulic landing gear and hydraulic operated ramps.

“With our highest-quality vehicles and after-sales points located in France, we believe that our partnership will continue to grow.”

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