Tools of the trade

ATEQ TPMS is a division of the ATEQ Group, a French company and supplier of tyre pressure monitoring solutions.

Agneta Ronceret is Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sales Manager, EMEA. Her role includes selling multi-brand or custom TPMS solutions for a wide range of TPMS sensor and tyre management applications.

Samuel Wölflick is TPMS Sales Manager, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. He provides customised OEM, factory or aftermarket solutions for Trucks, Trailer and Buses.

CV TPMS and their applications
Firstly, TPMS tools handles TPMS system configuration, pairing the sensor IDs to the control unit. The operator uses the tool to verify that all sensors are in working order and recorded in the right locations. During the process it is mostly required to activate each individual sensor inside the tyre, and transfer the data to the control unit, or simply compare the sensor ID with the data stored in the ECU. The TPMS tool either transmits the data wirelessly via RF, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the control unit, or transfers the data directly to the CAN Bus, via a J1939 connection for example.

When a system is malfunctioning, the TPMS tool diagnoses whether the issue origins from a bad RF signal reception between the control unit and the sensor, or if the tyre pressure sensor needs replacement.

Secondly, TPMS tools are used for fleet maintenance. When a tyre failure is reported on the fleet management portal, the vehicle must go to a service station, for inspection. At the service station, the technician uses their TPMS tool to read the sensor ID number and measure the tyre pressure and temperature of each individual tyre, in the vehicle in the service area or even on the side of the road or in a parking lot. This way, there is no need to connect to the CAN Bus, go on the cloud or access the cabin display, to diagnose the issue.

TPMS tools are dedicated tools, especially for tyre & sensor maintenance and tyre management. They are complementary systems to more complex diagnostic tools and replace these tools when the primary need is to take quick action to diagnose and replace a damaged or faulty sensor, replace a broken tyre or swap tyre positions. Other tools are able to fully configure commercial vehicles TPMS systems.

An overview of ATEQ’s TPMS products
The ATEQ VT Truck TPMS tool offers functionalities specifically designed for maintenance of trucks, trailers and buses. Thanks to ATEQ’s patented technology, dual wheel sensor reading technology, the tool distinguishes the sensors in the outer and inner positions with ease, and stores sensor information for up to 26 wheels positions per vehicle.

The ATEQ VT65 is a handheld industrial TPMS engineering tool for truck and trailer manufacturing facilities, wheel assembly lines and rework stations, or for preparing vehicles for export or dispatch. Custom built to OEM specifications, it features advanced TPMS sensor activation and sensor state manipulation functions. It includes a QR code and barcode reader and allows data transfer to PLC via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The ATEQ VT620 is the new generation automated industrial TPMS system, built for vehicle manufacturing plants, wheel & tyre assembly plants, test laboratories, as well as wheel wholesaler preparation facilities. Universal and customisable, the VT620 Industrial TPMS System adapts to all TPMS sensors and all wheel sizes.

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